Deleting and Merging Leads

Deleting a single lead

You may need to delete leads for various reasons. To do so, on the left side of a leads page, scroll to the bottom and look for the Delete Lead button, click and confirm.


Deleting a single Lead

Deleting Leads in Bulk

To delete many leads at once, search for the Leads you want to delete using your desired criteria using the Leads filter, then go to the More button (...) > Bulk Edit > Choose bulk action type as Delete the leads > Next > Bulk delete.


Deleting Leads in Bulk

Merge Leads


A few things before you merge -

  1. Once merged, a lead can't be unmerged.
  2. If conflicts exist in the lead name, description, status, or a custom field, we will keep the data from the destination lead and discard that data from the current lead.
  3. Sequence subscriptions are not merged. Since the subscriptions are attached to the unique contact ID, the merged contacts will lose that data. We will only keep subscription data in the destination Leads/Contacts.

You may need to merge leads for different reasons, for example, duplicates, 2 contacts in the same company, etc.

To do so, on the left side of the leads page you want to merge, scroll to the bottom and look for the Merge Lead button > Choose the destination lead > Merge into this lead and confirm.


Merging Leads

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