Setting up calling

Downloading the Mac/Windows Application

To make calls, you’ll need to download our Mac/Windows application; you cannot make calls through the web version of Close.

Download Close Here

Once you’ve installed the native application, simply log in with the username and password you set up earlier.

Changing Your Phone Number

When you signed up for Close, a phone number was auto-generated for you. To change the number to your desired country/area code, go back into Settings > Communication > Phone & Voicemail. You’ll see your number listed with the option to “Change Number.”

Enter your desired country/area code and we’ll go fetch a new number for you.

Changing Your Phone NumberChanging Your Phone Number

Changing Your Phone Number

Depending on the country and area code, you may be required to submit proof of address paperwork to our support team. You’ll see a message indicating this with instructions on what to send.

Recording Your Voicemail Greeting + Voicemail Drop

Close has two features related to voicemail.

  1. An inbound voicemail greeting for each number you have set up,
  2. The ability to drop a pre-recorded voicemail when making outbound calls.

To set these up, look for the Voicemail Greeting and Pre-Recorded Voicemail Drop options in Settings > Communication > Phone & Voicemail. Simply record your message and you’re done!

If you have a pre-recorded MP3 you can also use the select a file option and upload that.

Recording Your Voicemail Greeting and Voicemail DropRecording Your Voicemail Greeting and Voicemail Drop

Recording Your Voicemail Greeting and Voicemail Drop

Add a Group Number


This feature is only available on Business plans

A Group Phone Number (also known as a "ring group") defines a phone number that, when dialed, rings a group of phones simultaneously, stopping when any one of them is picked up. This feature can be a great tool if your team has a shared inbound phone number, such as a toll-free number routed to all of your sales reps.

To setup your first Group Number, navigate to Settings > Communication > Phone & Voicemail, then "+ Add" under the Group Numbers section.

Setting up a Group NumberSetting up a Group Number

Setting up a Group Number

In the case you that need more Group Numbers please reach out to our support team via email: [email protected]. Additional charges may apply.

Adding Additional Numbers + Setting Up Call Forwarding

Close allows you to add additional numbers, mask your Caller ID and forward incoming calls to a different number.

Adding an external number to use for Caller ID

To add a verified caller ID number, click the + add button in Settings > Communication > Phone & Voicemail, and follow the instructions. In this case, the phone number type will be external.

Verifying an External NumberVerifying an External Number

Verifying an External Number

Once this number is verified, you'll be able to select it from from your available numbers when calling out of Close.

Call forwarding

Now let’s set up call forwarding. If you want any call you miss, or any call that comes into Close when Close is not open, to go directly to your cell phone number, you can set up Call Forwarding. Under the phone number, click Call Forwarding and enter the desired number - that’s it!

Enabling Call ForwardingEnabling Call Forwarding

Enabling Call Forwarding

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