Calling Setup

      Calling Setup

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        Downloading the Mac/Windows Application

        To make calls, you’ll need to download our Mac/Windows application; you cannot make calls through the web version of Close.

        Download Close Here

        Once you’ve installed the native application, simply log in with the username and password you set up earlier.

        Adding a Phone Number

        To add a phone number in your desired country/area code, go into Settings > Communication > Phone & Voicemail > + Add > New Number. Enter your desired country/area code and we’ll go fetch a new number for you.

        Area code selection

        If you don't provide any area code we'll pick one for you at random.

        Phone number regulatory compliance

        Due to regulatory requirements, depending on the country and area code, you may be required to submit some address/ID documentation first via Regulatory Bundles. Once those bundles are reviewed and approved by our telephony provider Twilio you'll be allowed to procure the number. You can read more about specific country regulations at Twilio Phone Number Regulations.

        As an example, US numbers and UK mobile numbers don't require any documentation, while UK local and AU local/mobile numbers require documentation before you can procure the number.

        Phone number types

        In Close we offer three (3) main types of phone numbers:

        1. internal (Close issued) numbers
        2. external numbers
        3. BYOC (virtual) numbers

        Internal (Close issued) numbers

        These are the ones you can procure as explained above - you request a phone number country and area code and we'll try to procure it for you and add it to your Close account. Internal numbers are the default and the most common type of numbers in Close.

        • can make outbound calls
        • can receive inbound calls
        • can send/receive SMS messages (assuming we support the country)
        • you are charged a monthly phone rental fee + any telephony (calling/SMS) usage
        • can port it out at any time to another provider as explained here

        External numbers

        These numbers are owned by your current telephony provider (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.), but they can be added to Close so that you can make outbound calls only while having callees see your Caller ID (your phone number) during the call. These numbers are also often called verified caller ID numbers.

        • can make outbound calls
        • can't receive inbound calls to Close - any inbound calls will go to your current mobile phone
        • can't send/receive SMS messages
        • you are charged for any telephony (calling) usage for those outbound calls - although the number is registered with your provider, the outbound calls from Close are still routed through Close's infrastructure

        To add an external number, go to your Settings > Communication > Phone & Voicemail > + Add > External Number , and follow the instructions.

        Once this number is verified, you'll be able to select it from your available numbers when calling out of Close in phone-popover.

        BYOC (virtual) numbers

        These numbers are owned by your current telephony provider, but the main difference between BYOC and External-type numbers is that BYOC numbers can be used to receive inbound calls to Close as well via call forwarding if your provider supports it.

        • can make outbound calls
        • can receive inbound calls
        • can't send/receive SMS messages
        • you are charged for any telephony (calling) usage

        Important note: you might be charged double for your incoming calls depending on the setup of your BYOC provider.

        To learn more about BYOC and how to set it up take a look at our Bring your own carrier (BYOC) guide.

        Voicemail Greeting + Voicemail Drop

        Close has two features related to voicemail.

        1. An inbound voicemail greeting for each number you have set up,
        2. The ability to drop a pre-recorded voicemail when making outbound calls (available only on our Business plan).

        To set these up, look for the Voicemail Greeting and Pre-Recorded Voicemail Drop options in Settings > Communication > Phone & Voicemail. Simply record your message and you’re done!
        If you have a pre-recorded MP3 you can also use the select a file option and upload that.

        Close Pro Tip: Voicemail Drop

        In order to leave a voicemail drop, you have to wait until after the voicemail "beeps" before you can leave your pre-recorded voice message.

        Call forwarding

        Now let’s set up call forwarding. If you want any call you miss, or any call that comes into Close when Close is not open, to go directly to your cell phone number, you can set up Call Forwarding. Under the phone number, click Call Forwarding and enter the desired number - that’s it!

        Call forwarding can be set only for Internal (Close issued) and BYOC numbers. It's disabled for External-type numbers as you can't receive inbound calls to Close in the first place via External numbers.

        Forwarding delay

        If you are logged into Close at the time of the call, there will be a fixed 20-second delay before the call is forwarded.