Calling & SMS Usage

Calling & SMS is available on any Close plan. Just pay for what you use. This article explains how Usage is calculated and charged in Close.

Your team's Calling & SMS usage is deducted from your Usage credit balance. Calling and SMS is enabled for all Users on any Plan, but you can restrict the use of Communication for specific users via Roles & Permissions. To view and manage your team's Usage credit balance, go to the Usage page in your Billing settings.

Up to $10 in free Usage credit every month

As a Close customer, we reload free Usage credit into your account every month. This free credit resets every month and does not roll over.

Once your free credit is used, we'll start to deduct from your Usage credit balance. You can adjust your monthly limit and auto-recharge settings on the Usage page in Billing.

Here are the free Usage credit amounts by Plan:

Free usage credit









Usage rates for Calling & phone numbers

Calls are charged per minute and phone numbers are charged monthly according to Twilio’s Voice pricing. Per Twilio's pricing, all phone calls are rounded up to the nearest minute (a 70-second call is charged as a 2-minute call).

For reference, here are some example phone number and per minute rates based on Twilio's current pricing:

Country - Number Type
Phone numbers
Outbound rates starting at
Inbound rates starting at

US / CA (+1)

$1 / month

$0.013 / min

$0.0085 / min

GB - Local

$1 / month

$0.015 / min

$0.01 / min

GB - Mobile

$1 / month

$0.029 / min

$0.01 / min

DE - Mobile

$5 / month

$0.055 / min

$0.01 / min

AU - Local (+61)

$2.50 / month

$0.024 / min

$0.01 / min

AU - Mobile

$6 / month

$0.075 / min

$0.01 / min

Be smart: Call rates may vary

Call rates vary by country and phone number type. The per minute rate for a call may vary based on the number being called and the number being used to make the call. For specific advice on making or receiving calls in specific countries, contact our Support team.

How forwarded calls are charged

When an incoming call is made to one of your Close phone numbers and gets forwarded, you will be charged for two separate calls according to the rates associated with those calls:

  1. The incoming call that was made to a Close phone number.
  2. The outgoing call that is being placed from Close to the phone number in your Call forwarding settings.

How transferred calls are charged

When you transfer a call within Close, there are at least three separate calls being made:

  1. The original call that was made (outbound/inbound).
  2. The outbound call that's made by the person transferring the call to another user.
  3. Once the call is answered by the other user, that counts as an incoming call.

In the event that a call is transferred more than once, these charges will repeat each time a call is transferred. Calls are charged according to the specific rates associated with those calls.

If you transfer a call to a number outside of Close, you will only be charged for two calls: The original call and the outgoing call being made to initiate the transfer.

How Caller ID calls are charged

When you use an external phone number set as a Caller ID in Close you will be charged based on that number origin. For example, if you have a United States phone number set as a Caller ID and you are calling Australia, the international US to Australia calling rates will apply.

Usage rates for SMS

Close supports sending and receiving SMS messages with SMS-enabled phone numbers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. SMS usage is charged according to Twilio's current SMS pricing, rounded up to the nearest cent.

SMS messages cannot be sent between phone numbers from different countries (except for the US and Canada). To determine if your Close phone number is SMS-enabled, please contact Support.

For reference, here are our current SMS rates based on Twilio's current pricing:

Per Outgoing SMS
Per Incoming SMS

United States






United Kingdom






A note about SMS "units"

SMS rates are charged per SMS "unit," not per message. An SMS sent via Close can consist of one or more units. If you're only using characters in the English alphabet, each unit is 140 characters. Otherwise, if you're using foreign characters or emoji, a unit can contain as little as 33 characters.

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Calling & SMS is available on any Close plan. Just pay for what you use. This article explains how Usage is calculated and charged in Close.

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