Like calling and email, SMS communication is built directly into Close. SMS can be an effective tool to increase response rates with prospects, e.g. by texting them meeting reminders and follow-ups.


Prerequisites - SMS-enabled phone number

Before you can send SMS in Close, you need to have an internal (Close-issued) SMS-enabled phone number that matches the country you're trying to send SMS to. That means in order to send SMS to the US or Canadian numbers, you need to have +1 number in your Settings > Phone & Voicemail.

If you'd like to send SMS to e.g. the UK or Australian leads you'll need to get the UK or Australian SMS-enabled number. See more at Adding a Phone Number.

At this time Close doesn't support international SMS.

Sending an SMS

To send an SMS, simply click the SMS button on a Lead or Contact.


Sending an SMS

Craft your message and click send. Similar to emailing, you have the option to delay the sending of your message. The character limit on SMS is 1000 so you’ll see that indication as well.

Send Later date & time are always based on your current (device) timezone.

Receiving an SMS

If your lead replies or sends you an SMS directly, it will appear on the Lead itself and in your Inbox.


Receiving an SMS in the Activity Feed


Receiving an SMS in the Inbox


SMS confirmation codes

Services like Google Voice, Facebook, and Skype, which use short codes (e.g. 55555) to send SMS will not be able to send messages to Close phone numbers. See more on this with our provider here.

Supported countries & rates

SMS is supported on all SMS-enabled phone numbers that you are renting via Close, including group phone numbers that you're a member of. You cannot send or receive SMS on any external numbers you have added to Close.

SMS is supported in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Israel
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Africa

To learn more about usage rates for SMS, see Calling & SMS Usage.


Close Pro Tip: When to Use SMS

If you are deciding how to implement SMS into your sales process, check out this helpful article from the Close blog:

SMS capability

Not every phone number is capable of sending and receiving SMS. For example, in many of our supported countries (listed above), phone numbers corresponding to landlines are missing this capability. Rest assured, if you try to rent a phone number in a country in which we support SMS, and we can only find voice-only phone numbers available for rent with our carrier, then we'll warn you about it.


What happens when only SMS-incapable numbers are available for your chosen country/prefix.

SMS deliverability

There are a few reasons why an SMS delivery may fail:

  • The recipient’s phone number does not support SMS (example: landlines).
  • Your message was identified as spam. You can read more about it in our SMS Deliverability FAQ.
  • The recipient responded to another SMS saying "STOP" to unsubscribe.
  • Various unknown errors that our carriers cannot detect, therefore Close cannot detect.

To see if an SMS failed to send, hover over an “error” label on the SMS activity on a lead page:


An SMS that failed to send

If a recipient responds to an SMS saying "STOP," "CANCEL," or "UNSUBSCRIBE," any further messages to that phone number will be blocked and an "error" label will appear on the SMS activity, as shown in the screenshot above. Read more about this from our carrier.

Close’s search can help you find messages that failed to send. Here is a way to filter for Leads who have at least 1 errored SMS:


Using the Lead filter

If you feel that an SMS is not delivered for another reason, please contact Support.


US and Canada-based phone numbers can now send and receive MMS messages through Close. When an MMS is sent or received, it will be displayed on that Lead as an SMS with file attachments ready to be downloaded.


MMS are charged according to the current Twilio MMS pricing (Twilio pricing page).

Attachment Limits

For attachment sizes when sending MMS, we allow messages sending only image attachments to send up to 5MB (or 10 attachments). When attachments are non-image files, the limit is reduced to 600KB to comply with Twilio size limitations.

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