Porting your number

Porting a number into Close will stop service of that number with your existing provider. Make sure this does not interfere with any contracts you may have tied to that number or phone carrier.

Porting process

  1. Fill out the LOA form here. Remember to include all numbers and sign it.
  2. Download or take a screenshot of the most recent invoice from your phone carrier which proves the ownership of the number. Another option is to find the Customer Service Record (CSR) for the phone number. You only need to send in one of these.

Make sure that the name and address on the LOA matches invoice (or Customer Service Record) exactly.

  1. Send an email to support@close.com with the documents from step 1 and 2. In that email include the following:
    • Do you need SMS functionality for the number(s)?
    • Is this a wireless number port? If yes, share the wireless account PIN/passcode. (If you don't know the PIN/passcode, ask your phone carrier.)
    • Your preferred port date. (Keep in mind that processing a port request often takes 5-10 business days).

If you do not wish to fully port your number into Close (and it's a VoIP number), Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) could be a great option.

Porting your number

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