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      Close Mobile App

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        The Close mobile app allows you to communicate with your prospects and customers easily, regardless of your location. After you download the Close app, your Leads will go wherever you go.

        • Access your Inbox while on the go
        • Quickly email, call, and send SMS to customers
        • Add tasks, notes, and opportunities
        • Add or edit lead data from anywhere
        • View reports to see insights on your leads

        With our mobile app, you can stay connected and responsive no matter where you are.

        Download the Mobile App

        On iPhone
        Click here to download the Close app on your iPhone. This app can also be downloaded on iPads. The Close app requires iOS version 12.4 or later.

        On Android
        Download the Close app on your Android here.

        Regardless of your mobile device, you can head to the App Store or Google Play and search for Close CRM. The Close app requires Android Version 12 or later.

        Getting Around

        On the Mobile app, your primary navigation area is the lower menu bar. You'll find your Inbox, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, and Reports on that toolbar.

        Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 07.14.59.jpeg


        Outbound Calls

        To view your call settings, click on your Phone icon in the upper-right corner from the Inbox, Leads, Contacts, or Opportunities tab. In this menu, you can select which phone number to dial from (including your cell phone number), enable or disable call recording, and enable calls to ring on your mobile device. Once your call settings are appropriately set up, you can call a lead directly on a Lead page.

        To dial a specific contact, make sure you're on the lead Details tab and select the phone icon found next to the contact name. You can only dial contacts that have a phone number saved, as indicated below - Gob Bluth has a phone number that can be dialed, whereas Michael and Buster do not.


        Inbound Calls

        Make sure you can receive inbound calls on your phone. On your mobile app, tap on the Phone icon in the upper-right corner to bring up the option to Receive Calls on this Device.
        Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 13.31.47.jpeg

        Now, when a lead dials your Close number, the call will be routed to your cellphone (and your desktop app if active). The Lead Name and the Contact Name will show as they appear in Close as the caller ID, and there will be an indication that the call is coming from Close:

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        Calls to a Group Number

        Incoming Group Number calls will ring on both your desktop app (if active) and your mobile device.

        Bulk Actions

        Click on the ... menu in the upper-right corner of your app. Here, you'll find options to Bulk Edit your Leads (such as updating a Lead Status and updating a Custom Field), send them a Bulk Email, and Exporting your data.

        Also in this menu, you can enroll your Leads into Workflows and manage those Workflows.

        Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 07.44.51.jpeg

        Using the Opportunity Pipeline

        View your Opportunity Pipelines and update Opportunity statuses from the Opportunities tab on your lower toolbar. To update an Opportunity Status, place your finger on the Opportunity and hold it. Then drag and drop the Opportunity to the new status, or mark as Won or Lost by dragging that Opportunity to the bottom to choose a status.


        Not Supported

        The Close mobile app is evolving, and there are some features that aren't yet available:

        • Outbound calling using Power or Predictive Dialer - use the Close desktop app if you need to use the dialer.
        • Not all reports can be accessed on the app. The Activity Overview, Activity Comparison, and Opportunity Funnel Reports are available; other reports can be viewed using your computer.
        • Account Settings cannot be accessed on the mobile app.