Creating a multi-channel sales workflow in Close

      Creating a multi-channel sales workflow in Close

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        A sales cycle is a collection of steps that salespeople take to turn a lead into a customer. That includes everything from prospecting to closing the sale (and sometimes even beyond closing). Sales cycles vary between companies and industries, but they usually have a similar sequence of steps.

        Close is designed to make sales communication quick, easy and effective. You can easily build out unique sales workflows using our dynamic Workflows, Smart Views, and Dialers.

        Close Pro Tip: Sales Cycles

        Are you new to sales or just not sure how to define your sales cycle? Check out some of our guides:

        Identify your touch points

        Each stage of your sales cycle will consist of specific touch points with the lead. These touch points should be clear, consistent and repeatable within your sales cycle steps. This is made incredibly manageable with Workflows, and can be built out further using Smart Views.

        Here is an example of a set of touch points to move a lead from a Cold Prospect to a Warm Lead in 21 days using Workflows:

        Day 1: Call
        Day 2: Add prospect on LinkedIn and Send Message (set as a Workflow Task)
        Day 3: Email
        Day 4: Follow company social channels (set as a Workflow Task)
        Day 7: Call
        Day 7: Engage with social channels (set as a Workflow task)
        Day 10: Call
        Day 14: Email
        Day 19: Email
        Day 21: Call and Final Email

        How do I set this up in Close?

        Keep it simple! Close is designed to help make workflows easier and more effective for your sales team. We recommend creating a Workflow that will automatically move your leads from one step to the next, without endless reminders to do each step manually.

        Start off by targeting which type of leads should be in your sales funnel.
        Leads aren’t the same across the board. Some leads may be receptive to a specific Workflow with a lot of email steps but aren’t reliably reached with a phone call, and some leads are best reached with social media connections. Set up criteria based on lead source, engagement level, or geographic location.

        You can create multiple types of Workflows that change communication focus, but with the same goal: keeping your company on their radar.

        Create a Workflow to send emails and calls at the intervals outlined below. Intersperse related tasks throughout to maximize communication. It can look something like the example below.

        This Workflow is set to trigger automatically, which means the Workflow will automatically enroll leads that meet specific filters. This keeps your leads moving through your sales outreach without worrying you are leaving money on the table. The Workflow will also assign leads to specific users to own, giving each lead their point of contact with your team, and will send follow up communication steps from that user’s phone number and email address.

        Close Pro Tip: Write Killer Sales Emails

        Utilize the Power Dialer to reach leads in a certain geographical area.
        For leads that communicate best on the phone, create a calling Smart View that pulls in the area’s leads every 3 days until they have 6 total calls on the lead. This would mimic the sales cadence above, but keeps the focus only on calling while maintaining the same level of outreach.

        Try Social Media Outreach.

        After attending a network event, create a Smart View to find the list of leads that you want to follow up with and contact via social media for the day. Maybe something like this example:

        Once you have a few different outreach funnels set up in Close, your team won't have any guesswork in which leads to follow up with and when. They can focus their efforts on their Smart Views and allow their Workflows to guide their leads through their sales process.

        Close Pro Tip: Assign the Leads to a Sales Rep

        Include a Lead Owner custom field filter in your Smart Views to only include leads assigned to a specific sales rep. Read more about Lead Assignment here.