Set up outbound email without inbound email tracking uses your email's SMTP settings to send any outgoing emails. Setting up outbound email allows you to send emails from within, but you can still track other emails you send with another email client. These emails are tracked and logged into any lead where a matching email address is present as part of the contact.

For some users, it's important to not have any inbound emails show up in They want to protect themselves from having a colleague add an email address in that they've had previous sensitive email conversations with. However, they still want to use to send and track emails from their email address.

To set up outbound email without inbound email tracking, just follow these steps:

  1. Within your Settings, go to Email Settings and select "+ Add an email account".

  2. After you enter your name and email address, DESELECT the "Log incoming & outgoing emails automatically" box:

Deselect this option

Deselect this option

  1. On the next window, click on the "enter custom IMAP/SMTP settings" link regardless of which email provider you have (even Gmail / Google Apps accounts):
  1. On the next window, deselect the "Log incoming & outgoing emails automatically" box, and you'll only be given the option to add your SMTP (Outgoing email) server credentials only:
  1. For Gmail / Google Apps, you'll be entering "" in the Host box. Then use your email address and password for the "Username" and "Password" boxes, leaving the Secure SSL/TLS box checked. If you do not know your email server credentials, please contact your system administrator.

  2. Once set up, you'll be able to send emails from using your email address. Those emails will show up in your Sent or Drafts email folder. To individually forwarded inbound emails to Leads in, you can use the BCC secret address feature.

Set up outbound email without inbound email tracking

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