Managing unsubscribe requests

      Managing unsubscribe requests

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        Managing unsubscribe requests

        There are a couple of different ways to handle unsubscribe requests. Which method is best for you depends on your email setup and the volume of unsubscribe requests you receive.

        Adding an unsubscribe link in your email signature

        You can create an unsubscribe link in your email signature using mailto:

        • Create a mailto: link. You can even use a mailto: link generator like this one. Your mailto: link will look something like this:

        • Go to your signature editor in Close (under SettingsCommunicationEmail).
        • Type in the text you want to use to indicate your unsubscribe link (e.g., "Click here to unsubscribe.")
        • Highlight the text and click the "insert link" button on the signature editor. Paste in the mailto: link you generated.

        When email recipients click the link, a draft email will pop up with all the fields from your email link. (Email To, CC, Subject Line, Email Body, etc.)

        When you receive an unsubscribe request, there are a couple of different ways to record it:

        • a) You can save an unsubscribe request in a Contact custom field. Then, when creating a bulk email send, you can filter out Contacts with a logged unsubscribe request using our search.
          • e.g., If you have a Contact custom field named "Unsubscribed," you could filter out unsubscribed Contacts by adding a filter in your Smart View.
        • b) A more permanent solution is to remove/delete that address from the Contact info. You might choose to save that deleted email in another custom field for future reference.
          • This will not affect emails that have already been synced (they will remain visible). It also will not affect other data saved on the Contact (phone numbers, other email addresses, etc.).
        • c) If you only have one Contact per Lead, you can also create an "Unsubscribed" or "Do not contact" Lead Status (under SettingsStatuses & Pipelines) and move that Lead into that Lead Status, so you know not to contact it at all. You can also add a filter to remove the Leads in this status from your lists.

        You can find a video tutorial HERE.

        If you are using Mailgun to send your outgoing messages, you can add "%unsubscribe_url%" to the bottom of any email templates you'd like to bulk message. Mailgun will rewrite the message to include an unsubscribe link and manage the process of not sending emails to people who have opted-out. Here are more details on how Mailgun's unsubscribe links work.