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        Close is designed to collect all of your communication history with a Lead within one view, as well as allow you to communicate with your Leads in a number of different ways.

        How it works

        By default, Close imports Companies as "Leads." The individuals at that company are seen as "Contacts," and if you are in the process of selling something to that Lead, we track that through "Opportunities."

        If you are a B2B business, your Leads will be Companies where each Lead (Company) will have one or more Contacts.

        If you are a B2C business, your Leads will be Customers, and each Lead (Customer) will have precisely one Contact. The Lead name and Contact name will be the same in this case.

        Tasks, Opportunities, Contacts, and Custom Fields

        On the left side, you’ll see open (incomplete) Tasks, both active and inactive Opportunities, Contacts, and Custom fields.


        Lead History

        Along the right side of the Lead view, you’ll see the history of the Lead. Any Calls, Emails, Status Changes, completed Tasks, as well as Notes will all be shown here. You’ll also see the current Lead status on the top right-hand side of the page, and be able to change it if needed. The communication history automatically sorts in sequential order.

        CleanShot 2022-08-19 at 16.00.23.gif

        You can also choose only to view a particular type of activity on a Lead. For example, you could only want to show Notes or your call logs. Just toggle the “Activities" option at the top of the page:

        CleanShot 2022-08-19 at 16.09.10.gif

        Activity Link Sharing

        To share a specific lead activity with a colleague such as an email, SMS, call, note, meeting, or a Custom Activity - just click on the activity date


        and then press Copy Link


        Date position depending on the activity type

        In case of a call, SMS, note, or Custom Activities, the date is at the bottom. For emails is on the right, and for meetings, right below the meeting name.

        Copied activity link looks something like this:


        So once you share this with your colleague, one will directly go to that specific activity instead of the general lead page.

        Shared URLs can be viewed only by active logged-in users within the same Close organization.

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