With one click send your sales documents from Close to GetAccept

GetAccept is a sales enablement and contract management tool.

Using our integration, you can push contract (Opportunity) information directly from Close to GetAccept. GetAccept provides everything you need to build sales collateral from Close - sales reps can create quotes, proposals, and contracts, and receive electronic signatures.

What you'll need

  • A Close account and your API key
  • A GetAccept Pro license

How the integration works

Instead of copying/pasting Close lead and opportunity data manually into GetAccept documents, you can pass that information automatically by using Send with GetAccept integration links. That will generate a new GetAccept document with a pre-filled contract and recipient information from Close.


GetAccept and Close Integration


Enable Close integration

With your Close API key ready, go to GetAccept and open Settings > Integrations and enable Close by clicking on Connect


Connecting Close API

Paste the API key in the field box and click Save


Entering Close API key

You should be successfully connected (indicated by a green Connected status).


Connected Close API

Now go to Settings and make sure you have two new integration links in your Close account (Settings > Integration Links):

  • Send Document with GetAccept - type Lead -{{}}
  • Send with GetAccept - type Opportunity -{{}}

GetAccept Integration Links

Send opportunity (contract) information

All that is left to do is go to your lead page, click on ... (three dots) on the Opportunity > Send with GetAccept.


Send with GetAccept link

That will create a new GetAccept document with pre-filled information like company name, contract value, and recipients.


GetAccept document with pre-filled Close information

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