Article summary

        Create, send, and track documents from Opportunities and Lead objects within Close. This integration through Zapier will streamline document generation and help you to follow up on any outstanding deals.

        You have the option of having the zap triggered by actions in Close or by actions in Docusign. See the two zap templates below and see which best meets your needs.

        What you'll need

        • A Close account and your API key
        • A Zapier account
        • A Docusign account

        Automatically generate and send contracts for signatures when an opportunity is won

        How this integration works

        Are you tired of having to generate a new contract and/or any type of documents that you need signed every time an opportunity is won. What if you could have an automation that would automatically generate the document and send the email out for signatures? You are in luck, get started with this template if this workflow is something you are doing manually.


        Start by using the template we provided by clicking on the "Use this Zap" button below. By using the template the only thing you'll need to do is connect Docusign and Close to Zapier and add the specifics of your Docusign template.

        Request Signatures in Docusign when an Opportunity is won in Close

        Automatically mark an opportunity as won when a document is signed in Docusign

        If your workflow starts the other way, you can automatically update an opportunity in Close once a specific document is signed in Docusign. This template oulines the different steps of the Zap needed to achieve this.

        Update opportunities in Close when envelopes are signed in DocuSign


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