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        LinkMatch enables you to add any LinkedIn profile as a Close lead with a single click.

        With LinkMatch you can see which people/organizations from LinkedIn are already in Close, view/edit Close leads without leaving LinkedIn, save LinkedIn profiles as leads into Close, and it will even keep track of LinkedIn profile changes and offer you to update those changes into Close.

        What you'll need

        • A Close account and your API key
        • A LinkMatch license for Close integration (they offer 30-day free trial)

        How the integration works

        Instead of manually search through LinkedIn profiles, creating a lead in Close one-by-one, and copy/pasting information such as names, phone numbers, websites, etc. - you can just click the new Add to Close button on LinkedIn profile to do all that in a single click.


        Download and install a Chrome extension

        Because LinkMatch works solely as a Chrome extension, you will need to install it first. Go to LinkMatch Chrome store link > Add to Chrome > Add extension.

        ef57b7b-Screenshot2020-03-19at162527.pngLinkMatch for Close on Chrome store

         Enter Close API key

        After installing, you should land on the login page as shown below:

        83deab8-Screenshot2020-03-19at160013.pngLinkMatch login page

         If you don't have that opened, go to Chrome's ... menu in the upper-right > More Tools > Extensions > LinkMatch for Close > Details > Extension options to open it.

        Enter your Close API key found under your Close app > Settings > API keys, and your Close email address and click Login. If you are a new user, that will register you as well and start a 30-day free trial.

        Accept their Terms of Use and you're in!

        Test it out

        You should be all set - go to LinkedIn search and you will see X alongside the profiles that are not yet in your Close organization, and where profiles are already added in Close.

        37b912d-Screenshot2020-03-19at162947.jpgLinkedIn search with LinkMatch enabled

         Open a LinkedIn profile and click Add to Close to add that profile as a new lead in Close:

        16de0d7-Screenshot2020-03-19at163259.pngAdd to Close button

         Click Create and new lead will be created.

        57550a3-Screenshot2020-03-19at163345.pngLinkMatch popup window

        Configuration (optional)

        These configuration paramaters are optional, but is beneficial to be familiar with them in case you want to fine-tune your integration. Access them by clicking on a LinkMatch icon in your Chrome toolbar in the upper-right.

        Fields Display Options

        Fields display define what fields are displayed in the LinkMatch popup window, and in what order. You can show/hide/reorder fields as you see fit.

        c8dda61-Screenshot2020-03-19at162649.pngField display options in LinkMatch

        Parsing Options

        Parsing options define how LinkedIn fields are mapped to Close fields. By default, LinkMatch will include Name, Description, Address, Website and some more - but you can add additional fields if needed - including mapping them to Close Custom Fields.

        04c3b18-Screenshot2020-03-19at162723.pngParsing options in LinkMatch
        LinkMatch integration guide

        For more information about LinkMatch and their integration guide take a look at

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