Date and Time Formats

      Date and Time Formats

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        Date and Time Formats in Close depend on your System / Browser language settings.

        Close currently supports two formats - US and UK format:

        • US format - 12/31/2022 1:30pm

        • UK format - 31/12/2022 13:30

        If you're using a Close desktop app, you will need to adjust your System (Windows or macOS) settings, while if you use a web app at you will need to adjust your Browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) settings.

        Desktop app


        Go to your System Preferences > Language & Region
        and set the Region to either United States if you want to use US format, or to any other country if you want to use UK format. Restart the Close app for settings to apply.

        Windows 10/11

        Go to your System Settings > Time & Language > Language settings and set the Windows display language to English (United States) if you want the US format, or to any other language if you want the UK format. Restart the device (computer) for this to take effect in the Close app.

        Date/time format in Windows

        If you try to change just the date/time formatting under System Settings > Time & Language > Region no changes will be made within the Close app. It's required for you to change the Windows display language for the date/time format to change in the app.

        Browser app

        If you're accessing Close via our web app at you need to ensure your browser language settings are set correctly.

        To find out your current language settings open up this web page and you'll receive a pop-up indicating the language and a date format:


        Go to ... in the top right > Settings > (Advanced) Languages and select or move the English (United States) to the top if you want to use the US format, otherwise put any other language at the top to use the UK format. Restart Chrome for changes to take effect.