Automating Close with Zapier

      Automating Close with Zapier

        Article Summary

        In addition to integrating with other apps, you may want to automate specific actions within Close. For this reason, we allow you to link Close with itself in Zapier.

        Getting Started with Zapier

        To learn more about why do we use Zapier, how to get started, and how to set up your first Zap take a look into our Zapier article.

        Become an Expert

        Check out Zapier's Getting Started Guide for more in-depth training on Zapier.

        How are our customers using Zapier today?

        While there are hundreds of zaps that can be set up, there are a few main ways to automate processes within Close.

        • Changing the Lead Status in Close when you get a response to an Email Sequence
        • Creating a new Task in Close when a new Lead is created
        • Randomly assigning leads in Close
        • Pause an Email Sequence using various triggers

        and much more.

        Pretty cool, right? We think so.