Bulk Email and Workflow Smart View Tips

      Bulk Email and Workflow Smart View Tips

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        If you're using bulk email and/or workflows with email steps, here are some tips for setting up your Smart Views.

        Step 1: Create the base Smart View for anyone eligible to receive the message

        If you're using lead statuses effectively, a good place to start with this Smart View is to specify which statuses should be included in the Smart View.

        Let's start simple by only using one lead status. For example, let's say you only want to send your workflow email steps to any leads in Potential status.

        bab6371-LEADSTATUSPOTENTIAL.pngThis filter will exclude all leads that aren't in the "Potential" status.

        Now, let's say you have specific emails or workflows based on industry or source. We could also specify that in our Smart View. In this example, let's say we want to email magicians that we met at a recent convention.


        Once we've specified the leads that are eligible to receive this message based on their attributes, we're ready to move on.

        Step 2: Exclude anyone who has already received the email or workflow

        Sending people the same email over and over is a good way to waste a valuable lead. You'll want to make sure you exclude anyone who has already received this particular message or workflow you're planning on sending.

        Contacts can only receive a specific workflow once

        While it is true that Contacts can only be subscribed to a workflow once, it's still a good practice to exclude those leads from this Smart View.

        You'll exclude these leads by specifically looking for leads that have not received this message.

        • If you're sending a single bulk email message - use the template you're looking to send
        • If you're sending a workflow - use the template in your first workflow step

        Let's say in both cases, the email template is called "Nice to see you at S.A.M!"


        This filter will exclude all leads that received the email template "Nice to see you at S.A.M!"

        Step 3: Decide how many leads you want to message at once

        When bulk emailing, it's very easy to say "Hey I have 1000 new leads, let's email them all and see what happens!". Sometimes this is not the best approach.

        It's a good idea to think about a limit on the number of leads your want to email at a time. Let's say we decide on 200 as our number. It's easy to add that to the rest of our query with the "Set limit" button.

        16a9a5a-LIMIT.pngClicking this will allow you to limit the number of leads that are showing in the Smart View.

        If you're not sure what limit to put on your list, here are some considerations:

        Get your messaging right

        Whenever you're writing cold emails or bulk emails, you'll want to make sure your message is as good as it can possibly be to maximize your open and response rates. This usually involves a lot of testing and tweaking.

        If you were to send the same message to all of your leads at once and no one replied, you would have wasted an opportunity to tweak your message.

        What if you sent 200 at first, and then tweaked your subject line and sent to an additional 200? This way you can begin to test and optimize different approaches to get the most out of your leads.

        Make sure you can handle the influx of potential opportunities

        On the flip side, what if you had the greatest messaging of all time and sent to 1000 leads and they all responded? Would you have the resources to efficiently follow up and close those leads without losing out on any of your opportunities? Usually, these are called "good problems" but it's something you should consider.

        Know your sending limits

        It's important to remember that any email, including bulk emails, is sent via your SMTP and not from Close. For example, if you have Close set up to send from your Gmail account, it's the same as you logging into Gmail and sending that message.

        Most email providers have daily limits in place to avoid mass emailing. If you think your volumes might exceed those limits, it's important to either reduce your sending amounts or switch your email delivery over to a tool that is better suited for mass emailing.

        Need to get more specific?

        There are so many other ways to use lead filtering and Smart Views to build a great emailing list based on your business and sales process.

        If you need any help building the list you need, just reach to us at support@close.com and we'll be happy to help!