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      Office365 connected accounts

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        Email account disconnecting from Close

        If you've connected your Office365 mailbox to Close, you might try to send an email only to find out that your email account immediately disconnected and your email remained in Close outbox. You can confirm if that is the case by going to your Close Settings > Connected Accounts > your account and see if Email Sending and Email Syncing are connected or not.

        If your email disconnects when you try to send an email, it usually means that your SMTP (email sending) is not enabled on your Office365 mailbox for 3rd party apps like Close. To fix this, make sure to enable or reset the Authenticated SMTP option within the Office365 Admin center.


        You must be an admin in your Office365 account to be able to make the changes below. If you are not an admin, please loop in your admin who can make those changes for you.

        If you don't have access to these settings because you are hosted with a provider that doesn't allow you to make such changes such as GoDaddy - please reach out to their Support Team and ask them to enable legacy authentication via SMTP/IMAP for you (feel free to share this article with them).

        To do this, as an Office365 Admin, go to and Users > Active users and open your user:

        From there, go to Mail > Manage Email Apps:

        From there take a look at the Authenticated SMTP setting:

        1. if it is already checked then first uncheck it, Save Changes, check it again, Save Changes again
        2. if it's not already checked, then check it and Save Changes

        Then wait some time, maybe 30 min, and go to Close Settings > Connected Accounts and reconnect your email account. Then test sending again.

        Emails are not syncing and/or being stored in Sent Folder

        If you're able to successfully connect your Office365 account under Close Settings > Connected Accounts but you're not seeing any Close-sent emails in your Office365 folder, and/or you're not seeing any incoming emails syncing in make sure that your Office365 primary email address and username matches your email address in Close.

        Go to and Users > Active users and open your user:

        From there, go to Account > Username and email:

        8f467ab-CleanShot_2021-11-24_at_09.02.40Manage username and email

        and make sure that your primary email address and username is your actual email address that's being added to Close Settings > Connected Accounts. If that is not the case, simply change your existing username (email address):

        or go to aliases > ... > Change to primary email:

        Save changes, go to your Close Settings > Connected Accounts, open your account, remove it by clicking Remove account at the bottom of the page and re-add it back into Close via Settings > Connected Accounts > + Add Account > Microsoft.

        Enable IMAP

        If that's not working, make sure you've also enabled IMAP under your Office365 user Mail > Manage email apps > IMAP. Save changes and re-add the email account in Close Settings > Connected Accounts.

        SMTP AUTH extension not supported by the server

        If you receive this kind of error make sure that your email provider is allowing all IP addresses listed here, and that the Authenticated SMTP setting explained above is enabled.

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