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        99inbound is a form creator tool that enables you to create forms without any code using their visual form builder.

        Using our integration, you can create or update leads for each new form entry, append a submission details as a note in Close lead, and automatically create an opportunity.

        What you'll need

        • A Close account and your API key
        • A 99inbound Professional or Business license (Free and Hobby plans don't support Close integration)
        • A sample 99inbound form that we will configure to use this integration

        How the integration works

        The integration can be configured on any 99inbound form. When enabled, it will create (or update) a Close lead on every form submission with any additional data that you require. If there was no such integration, you would need to create/import leads manually.


        Set up Close app integration

        Go to your 99inbound page > App Integrations > Connect in Close.

        e86a3ed-Screenshot2020-03-20at131828.jpgConnect Close app integration

         Enter your Close API key and click Create Integration.

        1ac2d84-Screenshot2020-03-20at131907.jpgEntering your Close API key

        Enable Close integration on a form

        For the purpose of this guide, we will use a sample form with the following fields:

        • Name
        • Email
        • Company name
        • Industry
        • Comments

        Sample form fields 

        Go to Form > Configure > + Connect (under App Sync) > Connect

        You will be presented with the main configuration screen where all the magic happens. At the top we have Lead Settings that define what is the default Lead Status and whether you want to create or update leads. The second section Close Field Mappings defines how your form fields map to Close lead/contact/custom fields, and a third section After Creating a Lead is used to add a static (always the same value) field on every lead alongside the opportunity.

        Click on Edit and set your fields as needed. Here we used the Trial as default status, and mapped the fields as follows:

        • Name > Close Contact name
        • Email > Close Contact email
        • Company name > Close Lead name
        • Industry > Close Industry Lead Custom field
        • Comments > Ignored (but it will still be displayed in a submission note)

        Sync failure due to field error

        Make sure to map correct field types, otherwise, you'll get sync failure.

        For example, if you map a Text field from 99inbound to Contact's Phone number in Close and someone enters N/A in that field - that's valid for 99inbound (because it's a regular text), but will fail with Close as that's not a valid phone number.

        The fix is to either change the 99inbound field type to Telephone Number or map it to some other Text field in Close.

        We also set up an opportunity with a $50 monthly value with 50% confidence value.

        Opportunity value

        It's important to remember that value is in cents - meaning if you want to add $50 opportunity you will need to enter 5000 as a value.

        When it's all set up it looks like this:

        Click Done to save the details.

        Test it out

        If everything went well, submit a sample submission on your form and a new Lead in Close will be created alongside the note, and opportunity.

        99inbound integration guide

        For more information about 99inbound and their integration guide take a look at https://docs.99inbound.com/app-sync/close/

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