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        What is Gong?

        Gong is the #1 conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. It helps you convert more of your pipeline into revenue by shining the light on your team's sales conversations. Gong records, transcribes, and analyzes every sales call so you can scale the effectiveness of your sales conversations.

        Note: The Close integration does not record through Gong, it only analyzes existing Close call recordings.

        What does the Close Integration with Gong do?

        • AI guided topic analysis of Close call recordings
        • Close call recording transcription
        • See the talk time of each rep per call, and see how long a rep spends on each "topic" the AI finds.
        • Organization level talk-time/topic based reporting
        • Ability to tag specific portions of a call for review from your team.

        Which Close customers are eligible for the Gong integration?

        • All customers can use this integration but it relies solely on Close call recordings, so please ensure they are enabled.

        What information does Gong currently pull from Close?

        • The only data that Gong pulls from Close is the call data, recording file, the lead/company name, and the contact name for the contact on the call.

        What does the Close Integration with Gong NOT do?

        • This integration does not pull in all call recordings for an organization. It only pulls in call recordings that are over 1 minute long for users that have both a Close and a Gong.io account and have call recording enabled in Close.
        • This integration does not push data back into Close, it only takes data from Close. So, transcription/topic based analysis only exists in Gong.
        • This integration does not pull in custom fields or any Close lead based information like status.

        How do you setup the Gong integration?

        • Login to Gong.io
        • Navigate to the Integrations Page > Telephony Systems > Close > Add your Close API Key (one-click setup).

        When you first setup the Gong integration, what data gets pulled in?

        • Close recordings for the past 90 days that are over 1 minute long, for each rep that currently has call recording turned on in Close and has a Gong.io account.

        What does a Gong single call analysis page look like?

        • A breakdown of talk time per user on the call
        • A list of topics to discussed on the call (you can hover over them for more information)
        • The ability to comment on specific sections of the call/mention other Gong.io users for feedback
        • The ability to tag calls with specific bits of information on the right side

        What does a Gong topic reporting page look like?

        • See breakdown of topics mentioned by which users at which times.
        • Sorted by most talked about topics.

        What does a Gong sales rep reporting page look like?

        • See stats for individual reps
        • Talk Time
        • Longest monologue
        • How many questions do they ask?
        • Time spent talking vs. listening
        • Useful for coaching.

        Can you hide call recordings from other reps on Gong?

        No. Gong takes the same approach to data as Close does. Everything is transparent. Every rep can see everything.

        How does the integration work from a technical standpoint?

        Every 5 minutes, Gong polls Close's /activity/call/ API for a new call where the status is completed and the duration is over 60 seconds. If the user of the call is a Gong.io user and has call recording enabled in Close, they bring the call into Gong.io where they download the call recording from the Close recording URL and upload it to their servers for analysis.

        For each call that is brought into Gong.io, they also do an additional request on our API to the /lead/ endpoint to get Lead Name and Contact Name of the contact on the call if it's available.

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