Admin user role

      Admin user role

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        Admin user

        Each plan (Basic, Professional, and Business) includes the predefined role shown below. This is a default role and may be assigned to any user, but may not be edited or modified.

        The Admin role must always exist with all permissions enabled. This is the only role that has billing access.

        Admins can:

        • Manage Users, Billing, & Roles/Permissions
        • Manage Customizations - create/update/delete statuses, Custom Fields, Integration Links, organization name, currency, etc.
        • Manage Group Phone Numbers.
        • Manage Team Smart Views, Templates, and Workflows.
        • Bulk Edit, Delete or Import leads.
        • Export lead or opportunity data to a CSV or JSON file.
        • Send Bulk Email or manage Bulk Workflow Subscriptions.
        • Delete and Merge Leads.
        • Modify/delete other users’ opportunities, activities and tasks.
        • Modify/delete own opportunities, activities and tasks.
        • Call, send SMS, and use the Dialer.