Enrolling Contacts in a Sequence

Contacts can be enrolled in a Sequence in a few ways:

  • Enroll an individual Contact from the Lead page
  • Bulk enroll a list of Leads or Contacts from a Smart View
  • Enroll an individual Contact as a follow-up to an email thread

You will have the option to enroll the first Contact on the Lead or all Contacts on the Lead.


Modifying individual emails

At this time it's not possible to modify the individual emails to particular recipients, for example, to add a personal note to each. All contacts will receive the same email templates (steps).

Enrolling Contacts Individually

To enroll a Contact from the Lead page, simply hover over the Contact name, select More indicated as ... and then Enroll in Sequence.


Subscribe an individual contact to a sequence

Enrolling Contacts in Bulk

To enroll Contacts in bulk, simply build out your search query or select a Smart View and click "Enroll" in the top-right.


Subscribe contacts to a sequence in bulk


Contacts that are already enrolled in a sequence

Close will never send the same Sequence to the same Contact twice.

Each contact can be subscribed to a specific sequence only once. That means if you try to subscribe contacts in bulk that are already part of the sequence - Close will just ignore that and they will not receive duplicate sequence emails.


Automatic email address duplicate detection within the same lead

In case you have the same email address on multiple contacts within the same Lead, Close will subscribe only the first Contact to a sequence. This works out-of-the-box without any configuration required.

Note: if you have the same email address on multiple Leads, then they will receive duplicated email sequences as well.

Enrolling Contacts as a follow-up to an email

Enrolling a Contact to a Sequence as a follow-up to an initial, unique email. If your prospect doesn’t reply after a certain time period, they are automatically enrolled in the Sequence of your choice.

You can set this up the same way that you would create a follow-up reminder on an individual email.

Before sending your email:

  • Check the box to remind you to follow-up
  • Pick a timeframe
  • Select "send an Email Sequence" from the drop-down menu
  • Choose your Sequence

Press send and you are all set!


Send sequence as a follow-up


Email Thread

The follow-up Sequence steps will appear in the same thread as the initial email.

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