Subscribe a contact to an Email Sequence automatically

One of the benefits of Email Sequences is that they help you reduce the amount of time you have to spend writing and sending follow-up emails. Save even more time by subscribing your contacts automatically to an email sequence when the match certain criteria in Close.

The Close Sales team sends a drip email sequence every time a new user signs up for a Trial and they have not been called or emailed yet. Instead of using a Smart View and manually subscribing these leads every day - they setup a zap to automatically subscribe all new Trial leads to their "New Trial Email Sequence."

What you will need

  • A Close account and your API key
  • A Zapier account that allows multi-step zaps

How this integration works

Automatically subscribe a contact to an email sequence when they fit certain criteria in Close, like being assigned a specific Lead Status or reaching a certain number of days since you last spoke with them.

Step 1: Decide what will TRIGGER the Email Sequence subscription

In our example, the trigger will be "New Lead enters a Smart View". The Smart View we are using is called "New Trials" and it pulls in all new leads, with the Lead Status Trial, that have not been called or emailed yet.

lead_status:trial calls:0 emails:0

If you do not already have a Smart View, here are instructions to create one.

Next, log in to Zapier and select “Create Zap”. Here we are going to trigger on "New Lead in Search Query / Smart View”


Trigger Step in Zapier

Under Set up trigger, select your Smart View from the drop-down menu under "Filter by Smart View". In this example, we named our Smart View, "New Trials".


Trigger Step in Zapier


Pro Tip: Additional Triggers

Here are some other triggers you could use to subscribe a contact to a sequence:

New Email Sequence Subscription Finished: triggers when a subscription to an email sequence for a contact goes into finished status.

New Lead Status Change: triggers when a Lead changes statuses. Subscribe a lead to a sequence when it moves from Potential to Qualified, for example.

Change your Smart View: your Smart View will depend entirely on your unique sales process. For example, you can edit the above example to only include leads that have not received the first Email Template in your Email Sequence (instead of any email at all).

Here's how you would adjust the search query:

lead_status:"Trial" calls:0 not email_template:"TEMPLATE NAME"

Step 2: Use Close as the ACTION step to Subscribe Contacts to Email Sequence

Choose Close as your application and select "Subscribe Contact to Email Sequence" from the drop down menu. Connect the same Close account as your trigger step.


Action Step in Zapier

Under the "Set Up Template" screen, select the following options for each section:

  • Contact: Use Custom tab.
  • Custom Value for Contact ID: select the Contact ID from Step 1.
  • Sequence: select the email sequence you would like each contact subscribed to.
  • Sender Account: select your email account.
  • Sender: select your email address.

Set Up Template Options

Click Continue and test your action step. Once tested, all you need to do is turn the zap ON.



Pro Tip: Choose who to send the sequence fro

You can set up an email alias in Close and use that email address in the "Sender" field in the zap. Keep in mind, the entire sequence will be sent from this alias. Click here for instructions.

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