Secondary organizations

      Secondary organizations

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        In Close, users can create additional Close organizations. These additional organizations can be used to help drive different parts of your business.  As an example, a company might use multiple Close organizations for different divisions or parts of a business like applicant tracking or fundraising management. These Organizations can also be used as a sandbox for testing changes or imports. 

        Each additional organization is completely separate from other organizations in Close, so data-sharing is not possible. A single Close user can be a part of multiple organizations but they must be added by an admin first before they’ll be able to access different organizations.


        Each subscription plan includes two organizations. If you need more than two organizations and are on either the Professional or Enterprise plans, you have the option to add additional organizations for $50 per organization per month.

        The cost for additional organizations remains the same whether you opt for monthly or annual billing. For more details, see Plans and Billing

        Creating a new secondary organization

        When you create additional organizations, they will always be on the same plan as the primary organization. Additionally, only the user that created the organization will be added. Any other users must be added to the new organization by an admin.

        Users added to multiple organizations can switch between them by selecting one using the toggle in the top-left of Close:


        1. Go to the Plan page within settings and click on Add Organizations  in the subscription section

        2. Next, give the organization a name, then click Add Organization

        3. You will then be automatically added to that new organization, and you will see that within the Organizations list. 

        Deactivate a secondary organization

        If you no longer need access to an organization, or no longer wish to pay for it, you can deactivate the organization from the manage organizations page. When you deactivate an organization all users will lose access to that organization and all data within immediately. All data will per permanently delete after 90 days of deactivation. Please contact our support team if you want us to delete all data immediately.


        1. Go to the Plan page within settings, then click on Manage Organizations

        2. Next, click on the (…) and click Deactivate… 

        3. Confirm you want to deactivate the additional organization