Resuming a Sequence

Resuming a Sequence

Like subscribing a Contact to a sequence, resuming a sequence for Contacts can be done in bulk or individually.

Confused about when to use "Subscribe" or "Resume" for a Sequence?

Contacts can only be subscribed to a sequence once. If you want to re-start a sequence for a contact whose subscription is paused, you'll want to "resume" the sequence.

Resuming a Sequence for an individual Contact

To resume a sequence for a contact, click on the contact record on the Lead page and select "Manage Email Sequence". Next, click on the sequence you would like to resume and select "Resume for this Contact".

571f023-resume.gifResume a Sequence for an individual Contact

Resume a Sequence for a list of Leads

To resume a sequence for a list of Leads, pull up this list and select the down arrow next to the Email button. You can then click on "Manage Sequences", select the Sequence you'd like to resume, and then select "Resume".

0b7d4b9-bulkresume.gifResume a Sequence in bulk