Requesting a number with address verification

Certain numbers require address verification because of local telephony regulations. For these numbers, you need to provide an address that matches the geographic area for your desired number's area code.

For example, if you are trying to get a number for Berlin, Germany, an address from Munich, Germany wouldn't count. You'd either need to provide proof of a Berlin address, or switch to a number from Munich.

To verify your address we need:

  • A full address (this address could be connected to you, your company, or a coworker). Make sure to include the full name of the person or company and a zip/mailing code.
  • One proof of address document that displays the full address. You can use one of the following documents as address proof:
    • Utility bill or bank statement from the past 6 months
    • ID card with the full address you are trying to verify and a visible expiration date
    • Company registration form

Requesting a number with address verification

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