Reinstalling the Close app

      Reinstalling the Close app

        Article Summary

        If you need to reinstall your Close desktop app, please follow the instructions below as simply moving the Close app into the trash isn't sufficient for thorough reinstall.

        The difference between following these instructions and just dragging an application to the trash is that these will uninstall hidden files for the application as well, whereas dragging apps to the trash will miss these files.

        No Close data will be lost during this process.


        1. Uninstall Close using AppCleaner app - download it here in the bottom-right depending on your macOS version
        2. Make sure to quit Close by going to Close in the top-left and click on Quit Close or press Command + Q
        3. Run the AppCleaner app
        4. Go to your Applications folder and drag & drop the Close app into the AppCleaner app
        5. Make sure all files are selected and click on Remove
        6. Download and install Close app from



        1. Uninstall Close using Revo - download it here (free-trial of Revo should be good enough to do the deletion)

        2. Run the Revo app

        3. Select Close and press Uninstall > Continue


        4. Uninstall Close using provided uninstallation process

        5. Once Close is uninstalled, go back to Revo and select Advanced > Scan to clear any remaining files


        6. Make sure all registry items are selected and press Delete > Yes


        7. Press Next and on the next screen make sure all folders are selected and press Delete again


        8. Press Finish

        9. Once uninstalled, download and install Close app from