Process Street

Learn how to integrate checklists made via Process Street into Notes within Close using Zapier

Process Street is a simple, free, and powerful way to manage your team's recurring checklists and procedures.

Types of integration between Close and Process Street

There are two (2) main types of integration between Close and Process Street:

  • integration via Integration Links - simple, used to create a Process Street checklist with a single click from a Close app
  • Zapier integration - more complex and more powerful

Integration via Integration Links

Integration Links are special links within a Close app which can be customized with various parameters, like lead name, contact's email address or a phone number, etc. More information about them can be found here.

Run checklist link

One of those actions can be to create a Process Street checklist with a pre-defined template.

First, you'll need to have a template with some input fields for them to be filled in with Close data. In our case, we have a company name, company description, and primary email fields.

Open your template in Process Street, navigate to … More > Run checklist link… in the right sidebar, add the variables (input fields) that you would like to fill-in with Close data and Copy the link.


Copying the "Run checklist link" from Process Street template

Next open Close and navigate to Settings > Integration Links. There you will add a new integration link, paste the link that you just copied from the Process Street and replace the XXX variables with Close's template tags as shown below. Do note that integration links can be added to both Lead, Opportunity, or a Contact - in this case, we choose Contact type.


Adding Process Street integration link

Now, when you visit any contact in your Close app, you can run the checklist with a single click.


Running Process Street checklist from a lead page in Close

Process Street's checklist will be pre-filled with your Close data.


Pre-filled checklist with Close data

Integration via Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps without any coding at all.

In our example, we will create a Zap that will create a new note in Close whenever there is a new comment in Process Street. We will assume that the checklist name in Process Street is the name of the lead (company) in Close. So let's get started!

Create a new note in Close when there is a new comment in Process Street

If you have never used Zapier's Close or Process Street integrations, you'll first need to authorize those apps (Zapier will guide you), but make sure to create and have your API keys ready. You can get Close's API key at Settings > API Keys, and Process Street's one here.

Set-up a trigger

In order to trigger a Zap, choose the Process Street app with New Comment trigger. Select the template (optional), Test & continue.


Set-up a 'New Comment' trigger

Find (or create) a lead in Close

For our next step, we need to find the lead in Close for which we'll create a note. Choose the Close app, and Find Lead as an action. For Company name, use the Task Checklist Name from the Step 1.

Also, check to Create Close Lead if it doesn't exist yet? and put the Task Checklist Name from Step 1 as a Company name once again.


Find (or create) a lead in Close based on checklist's name

Create a note

Finally, we need to create a note that will match the newly created comment in Process Street.

Add a new step, choose Close as an app, and Create Note as the action. In Customize Note section, select the Custom Value for the Lead and use the ID from Step 2. For Text, use the Content from Step 1, and Continue.


Create a note for a lead in Close that matches newly created comment in Process Street

Congratulations! All that is left to do is turn that Zap on, and you are done!

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