Other ways to get your data into Close

Manually Add Leads One by One

Click the '+' button next to 'Leads" that appears in the left toolbar of Close.

The minimum amount of information you need to add a new Lead is the Company/Organization Name and Contact Name.

Forward Leads From Email

You can forward an email from your email client to a special, secret address and Close will create a new Lead based on name/email in the forwarded email.

To find your secret address, click on your name in the top left of Close, choose Settings, then Email Settings, and find the email address listed under Secret Address.

You can automate lead creation with the secret email address by setting up a rule in your email client to automatically forward all new emails to the secret email address, which will create a new lead in Close.

This works best when you have a dedicated email address for new sales leads, like "inquiry@xyzdomain.com."

Pro-Tip: Email verification

You may be asked to open a verification email in the secret email addresses inbox and click a link to allow forwarding to the address. Since this inbox doesn't exist, you will want to check your Close Inbox for the email or use the search bar to find all leads using the search query:


The verification email will be logged on the lead page.

Use the Close API

Our REST API allows you to import data from any source. For example, use our API to pump new Leads into Close as prospects sign up on your website.

Third Party Integrations

Close offers a large list of third party integrations that you can leverage to pull data into Close, manipulate it a number of ways, and push it out to other systems you already use!

A commonly used third party integration partner is Zapier.com. Zapier helps you push data between popular web services without needing developer resources.

Here are several zaps that our customers have found really helpful:

But the possibilities of integrating Close with other software in your sales stack are endless, if that software also has an integration with Zapier. For more examples you can check out some additional documentation on Zapier.com or see some additional step-by-step examples that our support team has created. If you have questions on what’s possible, please email our support team for help at support@close.io.

Other ways to get your data into Close

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