Opportunity Funnel Report

The Opportunity Funnel Report provides an in-depth look at how a specific set of Opportunities perform over a given time range.

For each Pipeline, the report shows the overall performance of those Opportunities, along with Stage-level data and a visualization that shows how Opportunities progressed through the funnel.

The report has different filtering options to narrow down the set of Opportunities you want to look into, based on the date range you select.

Report Views

Overall View
You can view Opportunities that were active during the selected time period — regardless of when they were created — by selecting Was in any Active Stage.

For example: "Show me how Opportunities that were in any Active Stage between January and March performed within that same time period."

Cohort View
If you only want to view Opportunities that were created during the selected time period, you can select the Created option. Select a date range of when the Opportunities you want to view were created, along with a time period over which to view their performance.

For example: "Show me how Opportunities created in January performed during the next 3 months."


Selecting which type of Opportunities to view.


Near the top of the graph, you'll see a row of different metrics to keep in mind when viewing your dashboard:

  • The Number of Opportunities that appear in your results.
  • Your Win Rate for those Opportunities. Your Win Rate is calculated by diving the number of won Opportunities by the total Opportunities that were won or lost.
  • Average Time it took to close those Opportunities, measured in days (if possible to calculate).
  • Average Value per Opportunity win.
  • Sales Velocity, which displays how quickly Opportunities move through your Pipeline and generate revenue. This is calculated by # of Opps x avg. Deal size (Win Value) [$] * Avg. Win rate [%] / Avg. Time to Win [days].

Your graph is separated by Pipeline stages so you can see how your Opportunities move from one status to the next. This will show both Active and Won statuses.


Opportunity Funnel Report.

There are 3 different ways to build your report:

  • Count: The Number of Opportunities in each Status.
  • Value (Annualized): The Annualized Value of your Opportunities.
  • Weighted Value (Annualized): The Opportunity Values Annualized, multiplied by their Confidence Percentage.

About Funnel Calculations

  • Skipped Stages: Opportunities that skip Stages are not included in the counts for those skipped Stages.
  • Backward Movement: For Opportunities that move backwards in a Pipeline, we will not include any “undone” forward movement in the Funnel.
  • Conversion Rates: Conversion Rates between Stages only represent Opportunities that converted from the previous Stage directly to the next Stage.
  • Avg Time to Advance: The average time an Opportunity spent in a Stage before advancing to any subsequent Stage (does not include any Opportunities that remained in a Stage during the specified Period).

In between each stage, you'll see the Conversion Rate:


Conversion Rate between Statuses.

Below this chart is a list of metrics broken down between Opportunity Stages. Your Columns show more nuanced data, like the average time an Opportunity spends in any given stage before advancing to the next stage, and the conversion rate between one Status to the next.


Some Column Headers have a quick explanation for that Column.

Hover over the Column Headers to learn more.

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