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There are five main reports that come standard in Close. While Close tracks a number of data points, our philosophy on reporting is to make that data as actionable for your sales team as possible. To that end, our reporting focuses on a sales rep’s created Opportunities, his Activity, and the movement of Leads through the sales funnel. We’ve also created a customized graphing tool that helps with additional queries.

All reports are exportable, and for more customized reporting, you can look to our API documentation or our native integrations with third parties, more on these below.

Close Customers Say It Best: Reporting

"I like the Reporting Feature. Helps Sales Managers like me gain better insight over the health of sales and pipelines."

-Vanessa Tann, Business Director, Fixx Digital

Using the Opportunities Report

The Opportunities Report acts as a pipeline view and is the main tool for deal management and forecasting within Close. Every Opportunity created on a Lead rolls up into the Opportunities Report.

The Opportunities Report is located on the left-hand menu in Close, directly underneath the Inbox.

The top of the report shows the total Opportunities within your defined filters. As you scroll down, you will see them segmented by time frame. You have the ability to filter this report by Smart View, by User, by Status, and by Date at the top of the report. You can also customize how your Opportunities are grouped and sorted. For instance, you can group opportunities by week, month, quarter, year or user. You can sort by Close Date, Value, Confidence Level, or User. For a refresher on each of these terms, check out our explanation of Close Opportunities.

The report calculates the Total Value and Expected Value of your Opportunities.

Total Value is the amount the sales rep has listed in the Opportunity on the Lead page Expected Value is the deal value multiplied by probability of the deal closing (Confidence Level), also known as a weighted pipeline value.

A weighted pipeline is helpful for forecasting revenue, as it’s designed to give you a high-level overview of your sales opportunities. It considers how far along the pipeline each prospect is and how likely they are to make a purchase. This helps forecast revenue and is particularly effective for sales teams with lots of Opportunities in the works and clearly defined pipeline steps.

As you scroll down your report, you can see the individual deal details on each Opportunity and the report provides links to jump to the actual Lead Page for more information. You can also customize the columns to see more or less details on the Opportunity view. For example, if it’s important to see a particular Custom Field, you can add that to the report.

One of the most helpful ways to customize this report is to filter it by an existing Smart View. For instance, if you are a sales manager and you want to see the pipeline view for your entire team, not just one sales rep, you can first create a Smart View for the team, then filter the Opportunities Report by the Smart View.

Close Pro Tip: Learn the Best Ways to use Opportunity Reporting

For more information on the best way to use the Opportunity Report as a sales rep, check out this Close blog post on tips for Sales Development Reps and Account Executives.

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