Close Onboarding

      Close Onboarding

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        Welcome to Close! You've taken the first steps toward closing more deals, faster.

        Let’s get you started.

        Step 1: Connect your email and calendar to Close

        Got 2 minutes? That's all the time it takes to connect your email and calendar account to Close - which is the key to surfacing relevant communications and activities with your leads.

        Head to Settings > Accounts & Apps to add your email account. After you select your email type, you'll be asked to log into that email account to connect it to Close.

        Once connected, you'll have the option to enable your calendar.

        Connect your favorite scheduling and meeting tools for a seamless experience via Close's native integrations with Calendly, Fathom, SavvyCal, Zoom, and more.

        Other email resources:

        Step 2: Customizing Close lead records

        Learn the right way to configure your lead statuses, custom fields, custom activities, and opportunity statuses to match your unique sales process. Once you complete this step, you’ll be ready to upload your data into Close!

        Having a well-defined sales process is strongly recommended to ensure that none of your leads fall through the cracks. For some sales process inspiration, check out the following:

        Build a Sales Process
        Creating a Multi-Channel Workflow in Close

        Step 3: Importing leads from a CSV file into Close

        Learn how to import your data into the fields you’ve created in Close with this step-by-step tutorial.

        Additional resources:
        Best Practices for file formatting (prior to uploading)
        Migrating data directly from another CRM into Close

        Step 4: Maximizing efficiency using the Close inbox

        Learn to use Close’s inbox to focus on your highest priorities and give you peace of mind that your most pressing communications and tasks get done daily.

        Step 5: Setting up phone numbers and making calls from Close

        Learn about the different options for setting up numbers and voicemail, initiating calls, and activating the Power Dialer and/or Predictive Dialer for optimized dialing sessions.

        Additional resources:
        Depending on where you are in the world, you may be required by law to provide some information before registering your Close phone numbers - you can search for the required documents for your country here.

        Using External numbers with Close
        Telephony/SMS charges by location

        Step 6: Using SMS and email

        Learn how to set up and optimize SMS and email tools - including building time-saving templates, sending as other team members or groups, and receiving alerts for follow-up when a contact does not respond the first time.

        Step 7: Creating actionable lists of leads and contacts with Smart Views

        Learn how to use Close’s powerful filters to create segmented, dynamic, and actionable lists of leads - perfect for power/predictive dialing, emailing, or using as filters for customized reports.

        Step 8: Creating automations with Workflows

        Learn how to build communication sequences (for email, SMs, calling, and tasks) and other useful automations using Close Workflows.

        Step 9: Understanding Close Reports

        Learn about Close’s out-of-the-box reports, where to access them, and how to interpret their data.

        Step 10: Invite Your Team

        We've designed our onboarding process so that the rest of your team can join Close quickly and easily, without administrative hurdles. Larger teams with numerous users will especially benefit, as new sales reps can automatically join your Organization without the unnecessary step of sending them an invite.

        Admins can designate a Signup Mode, which allows new users to either be invited by another Admin, or sets the Organization to be discoverable for anyone with a specific email domain.

        CleanShot 2024-06-20 at 09.11.53@2x.png

        Anyone with the Admin role can do this by heading to Settings > Team Management and tabbing over to Signup Mode. Select whether the Organization should be by invitation only, or if the Organization should be discoverable by your email domain. When setting a domain, enter the domain email address you have access to - you'll be asked for a verification code sent to that email.

        • Invitation only: All new users must be invited by an admin.
        • Discoverable for specific domains: Users can request to join the Organization if their email domain matches the allowed list.

        Toggling off the option to require an admin's approval to join means users can join the Organization directly if their email domain matches the allowed list. Approval is not needed to join an Organization.