Meeting Sync

Meeting Sync

Automatically sync meetings from Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar.

Today, salespeople juggle a half dozen tools just to start, run, and review their meetings--from the first demo to closing the deal. We thought running those meetings should be just as easy as making a call in Close, so we launched Meeting Sync.

With Meeting Sync, scheduled meetings with Contacts can automatically be pulled into Close. If you allow access from your Google account or Microsoft account, Close can search for meetings associated with a particular contact. You can then see this information on the lead page.

Not using any of the Calendars?

At this time, Meeting Sync is only available on Office 365 and Google Calendars.

Enable syncing with Google Calendar - New Account

To begin, you'll need to connect to your Gmail account. After connecting your account to Close, be sure to toggle on the Calendar portion of your account as shown here:

3eb5ca4-CleanShot2022-03-22at162838.pngEnable Calendar syncing - New Account

In this section, you’ll be able to sync your Calendar as well as any other Calendars you've added, as long as they belong to a Close user. In order to sync events, you must link at least one or more named Calendars.

Enable syncing with Google Calendar - Existing Account

If you've already connected your Gmail account to Close, you can enable Calendar syncing by going to Settings >  Connected Accounts > Calendar Configuration and toggling this setting on:

ff61605-CleanShot2022-03-22at163013.pngEnable Calendar syncing - Existing Account

Enable syncing with O365 Calendar 

You will need to connect your Microsoft account and ensure that calendar syncing is toggled on under Calendar configuration, as shown here.

If you have already connected your Microsoft account to Close, you can enable calendar syncing by going to Settings > Connected Accounts and, under Calendar Configuration, toggle it on.

Meetings on the Lead page

Just like calling in Close, your upcoming meetings will be automatically logged on the Lead page. You will see these as a new activity on the top of the Lead page as shown below.

44dcc19-ScreenShot2019-12-18at24118PM.pngUpcoming meeting at the top of a Lead page

This Meeting activity will update in real-time, based on the status of your Meeting.

361fc1d-ScreenShot2019-12-18at30201PM.pngMeeting in progress

Meeting Reminders

Once a meeting is confirmed, you will also see upcoming Meeting reminders in Close, located at the top of the page in the Meeting Reminder bar.

cc80246-ScreenShot2020-01-02at41824PM.pngMeeting Reminder Bar

The Meeting Reminder bar is a notification that appears at the top of your Close screen, regardless of the page you are on. If you click into this Reminder, you will automatically be taken to the Lead with whom the Meeting is scheduled.

Note: Meeting reminders will only appear 5 minutes before the start of your meeting.

Events that will not be synced

As with email syncing today, only events with an associated Contact on a Lead will be automatically pulled into Close.

Additionally, we will filter out any internal domains or blacklisted domains and addresses (available on the Pro and Business plans) for privacy purposes.

Meeting Status Types

Meeting Statuses in Close reflect the status that is pulled in from Google Calendar.

Here are the Meeting Status types:

  • Upcoming -- referring to any Meetings that have not yet taken place.
  • Completed -- referring to any Meetings that have finished.
  • Declined -- referring to any Meetings where the Contact declined the event.
  • Canceled -- referring to any Meetings where the event was canceled.