Managing your Usage balance

      Managing your Usage balance

        Article Summary

        To see your current usage balance, go to "Settings" within Close, scroll down to "Billing", and then choose "Usage".

        The top section will show you the amount of usage in your billing month.

        a8540e8-1.pngUsage Overview

        Auto-Recharge Settings

        The middle section will show the remaining balance in your account and auto-recharge settings. This lets you know when you can expect a new charge to occur, based on the settings you've chosen in your Monthly Spending Limit.

        Make sure that your team can continue to make calls and send SMS without interruption by adjusting your Auto-Recharge settings. Once your Usage credit balance drops below a certain amount, we'll automatically top off your balance according to your Auto-Recharge Settings:

        cbca738-2.pngAdjust your Auto-Recharge Settings to automatically top up your Usage credit balance.

        Adjusting Monthly Spending Limit

        By default, we set your team's Monthly Spending Limit budget to $100 per month. To adjust or increase your budget, go to the "Usage" page in your Billing settings:

        8857c41-3.pngSetting a Monthly Spending Limit for your team.

        Best practices for setting Usage limits

        If you find yourself running out of usage credits before the reset term, make sure to increase the Monthly Spending Limit. The Auto-Recharge field does not control your monthly spending limit - it only controls in what increments you'll be billed.

        For instance, if I see that my team is getting low on usage credits for the month and I have the budget set to $100, I need to increase my Monthly Spending Limit above $100 to give them more usage credit. Let's say I set it to $200.

        Once I do so, the Auto-Recharge field kicks in to determine how I'll be charged for that $200. If I have my Auto-Recharge field set to $50, I'll be charged two increments of $50 to hit the $200 Monthly Spending Limit.

        For the recharge amount, we recommend setting this to 20-25% of your max Monthly Spending to avoid a lot of small incremental charges on your credit card (that could potentially flag your bank's alert team).