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        LeadFuze enables you to search and add automatically any online profile as a Close lead.

        LeadFuze is a B2B lead generation software that allows you to search for prospects and automatically find their emails, domains, and social media profiles. You already know that sending cold emails can be a great way to initiate sales conversations with potential customers. LeadFuze uses a 5-step validation process to find your ideal customers online, contact information, and all.

        When you use LeadFuze to find a prospect's online profile, this integration will automatically send your prospect’s details to your Close account - including name, email address, phone, company name, and more.

        What you'll need

        • A Close account and your API key.
        • A LeadFuze account (you can try it for free by adding up to 25 leads).

        How the integration works

        Let’s say you’re searching for owners or CEO’s of companies in Boston. Using LeadFuze, all you'd need to do is search for those owners via their app as shown below, and once you want to sync/import some prospects into Close click Add to list.

        a8f176c-zapca.gifSearching for leads in LeadFuze


        Enable Close integration in LeadFuze

        Go to your LeadFuze account > Settings > Integrations and turn on Close integration.

        1e478d6-CleanShot2021-09-02at125649.jpgClose integration in LeadFuze

        Enter your Close API key and press Authenticate:

        0989aa3-CleanShot2021-09-02at125719.jpgClose integration pop-up
        • Sync leads automatically - check if you want to automatically sync all leads to Close as soon as you add them to your LeadFuze list without you manually selecting the ones to transfer (see more below)
        • Require email- check to make sure all of your LeadFuze leads have a filled-in email before sending them to Close

        Your Close integration should be up & running:

        c755d66-CleanShot2021-09-02at130040.jpgEnabled Close integration

        Test it out

        You should be all set - go to Lead Search > Market Based
        in LeadFuze and search by some criteria, for example we'd like to find CEOs in Boston so we would filter by People Criteria:

        • Role - CEO
        • Location - Greater Boston Area
        f74ef2e-CleanShot2021-09-02at130233.jpgSearch for CEOs in Boston in LeadFuze

        Press Start Searching and within few seconds you'll get a list of all CEOs in Boston. Click on Add to list for any one of them to add them to your LeadFuze list (if you don't have a list, you'll have an option to create it):

        ac552e1-CleanShot2021-09-02at130331.jpgAdd to list

        Once your leads have been added to your LeadFuze list, they will be automatically added to Close (if you've selected that within your LeadFuze integrations page), or you could manually send a lead to Close by clicking on

        ... > Send to >; Close 
        e9050f9-CleanShot2021-09-02at130428.jpgSend lead to Close

        Within a few seconds you should see your lead in Close as well:


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