Lead Filtering Tutorials

      Lead Filtering Tutorials

        Article Summary

        Lead filtering is a powerful way to create search queries that dynamically impact which Leads appear in your view.

        Filtering can help you quickly find a Contact, identify which Leads need attention, build calling and emailing workflows for your sales team, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

        Think of Lead Filtering as building a series of criteria that help users locate important lists of Leads and Contacts. For example, you can create Filters to find leads that have been called twice, located in a specific city, or created on a certain date. Filters can be combined to create even more powerful searches.

        The following are tutorial videos that walk through how to use Lead filtering, along with best practices and tips and tricks for getting the most of out using this feature.

        Learn how to use Basic Filters and create Smart Views to save dynamic lists of Leads and Contacts.

        Learn the different types of data available in filtering and how this relates to the data you've entered into Close.

        Learn how to filter strategically using filter structure and specific operators.

        Learn how to use the 'not' operator in lead filtering to exclude certain data fields.

        Learn how to superpower your search by creating groups in your filters.