Intercom Conversations

Import closed Intercom conversations into Close

Import closed Intercom conversations into Close

Intercom is a conversational relationship platform that enables you to communicate with your customers via chat (those little chat widgets in the bottom-right), email, and more.

Using our Zapier integration you can sync all inbound/outbound chat and email messages alongside any notes into Close after you close your Intercom conversation.


Alternative integration via Highways app

If you need full 2-way sync between Close and Intercom, or you need to see Close leads, tasks, and opportunities in your Intercom Inbox check out Integration via Highways app.

What you’ll need

  • A Close account and your API key
  • An Intercom account
  • A paid Zapier account
  • a lead in Intercom that has the same email address as a lead in Close (this is important so that your Zap can be tested)

How the integration works

Whenever you close the conversation in Intercom (whether you are just closing it via the checkmark icon, or using Send and close option) Zapier will trigger and import that conversation messages into Close as a Note based on lead's email address.


Zapier steps


Step 1 - New Closed Conversation in Intercom

Start by clicking on the "Use this Zap" button at the top of the page to use our pre-made template. The first step is to authorize Intercom.


Authorizing Intercom for Step 1

You'll need to log in and Allow Access.


Allowing Zapier to access Intercom

Go to Intercom, close the conversation there, and then go to Zapier > click Continue > Test trigger that should pull in the Intercom conversation. Click Continue.


Getting sample Intercom conversation

Step 2 - Formatting Utilities

On this step just click on Continue > Continue > Test & Continue as it's all been set-up for you already. At the end, you should get a text output with all of your conversation messages.


Formatting coversation messages

Step 3 - Find Lead in Close

First, authorize the step using your API key found in Settings > API Keys, and then proceed with Continue > Test & Continue as in this step we are searching for a lead in Close based on their email address in Intercom. You should get a matching lead in Close and proceed to Step 4.


Finding matching Close lead by an email address


Search by some other attribute

If needed, you can instead search by lead name instead of an email. Just remove the attribute from Email field and instead use the Company Name field.

Step 4 - Create Note in Close

The last step, again, authorize the step using your Close account, click Continue and again Continue if you don't want to make any formatting changes.

By default, your note will look like this:

Intercom conversation: #123456789
Subject: Sample subject
User: John Doe ([email protected])
Admin: Close App ([email protected])

admin: This is my first message.
user: This is user's reply.
user: Additional user message.

Sample note in Close

You can Test & Continue and you should be all set. A new note should appear in your Close lead within a few seconds.

Turn on the Zap and you are good to go!

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