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Integration Links are a way to integrate other websites and systems with Close. You can use them to quickly jump to other websites and pass them data from your Leads, Contacts and Opportunities. What if I want to easily find my Contacts' social media profiles? How do I easily send Opportunity data from a lead to my sales documentation tool? How do I look up a Contact’s email in my internal database with one click? Set up an Integration Link.

Creating Integration Links

You can create an Integration Link on Settings → Customization → Integration Links page. You can create, edit and remove Integration Links from that page. The data available is dependent on the type of Integration Link you choose, whether Lead, Opportunity, or Contact. To see the available fields, you can click into each type.

Create a New Integration LinkCreate a New Integration Link

Create a New Integration Link

Where do the links appear?

Once an Integration Link is created (either by you, or an integration you enabled), they will automatically appear on the Close Lead page near their relevant object.

There are currently three types of Links available:

Lead: appears on the bottom left of Lead page, near the "Merge Lead" button. These Links are best for integrations like finding company information in an internal database or searching for files that contain the Lead name in Google Drive.

Lead Integration LinksLead Integration Links

Lead Integration Links

Contact: appears on every Contact. These Links are best for integrations that use the Contact information to find individual data, like social media accounts or looking up Contacts in an internal database.

Contact Integration LinksContact Integration Links

Contact Integration Links

Opportunity: appears on every Opportunity. These are best for integrations that require data from your Opportunities, like contracts or quotes via a tool like GetAccept.

Opportunity Integration LinksOpportunity Integration Links

Opportunity Integration Links

Each type has different set of fields available for use. Set the type you want in link editing dialog and it will show you available fields.

Examples of Integration Links{{lead.display_name}}{{}}[email protected]{{lead.custom.[Twitter Username]}}%20Glad%20we%20could%20connect!{{lead.custom.[User ID]}}{{contact.primary_email}}{{}}


Close Pro Tip: Helpful Additional Third Party Integrations

Some of our third party integration partners take advantage of Integration Links through our API and create them automatically when you enable the integration. For example:

Who can create, edit, and delete integration links?

Only organization admins can add or change integration links.

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