Email configuration

Close offers 2-way email integration, which allows you to send email from Close and automatically log the replies. Close will auto-log any email that appears in your Sent folder, even if it was sent from Gmail or your mobile phone, and emails sent from Close will automatically appear in your Sent folder.

By connecting your email account with Close (via IMAP/SMTP), Close will begin to automatically track email threads with any contacts you have in your organization.

The benefit of this is twofold:

  • Your Close and email account's Inbox becomes a concise list containing only emails that are still actionable and haven't yet been handled.
  • You can work out of either Close Inbox or your regular email account, and the changes propagate between the two so you don't waste time seeing emails again in one place that you've handled in another.


If you aren't used to "Archiving" your emails (e.g. in Gmail) once you're done with them, but instead just leave all messages in your Inbox as "read", we'd strongly recommend you archive your emails instead. This will make Close's Inbox better for you, since then you'll have a synced view consisting purely of emails that haven't yet been handled.

When sending emails through your current email client (ex: Outlook,, there's no need to BCC Close. The email thread will automatically show up in the activity feed for any lead that you have the recipient's email address as a contact.

Close will automatically sync all email communication between you and any Contact in Close.

Haven't set up your email yet?

You can find directions for configuring your email sync here.

For more information on setting up outbound email without inbound email tracking, please see this article.

Close will pull in all historical communication with any Contact email address within each Lead that is added to the system. We automatically exclude email communications between coworkers and any email address that is not connected to a Contact in Close.

Can I stop Close from archiving emails in my email account?

If for some reason you do not want Close to archive emails in your email account when marking them "Done" in Close, you can email us to request that we disable this setting for your account.

Is it possible to archive email in other people's email accounts?

No. We hide the checkboxes and Done/Snooze buttons from Inbox when you're looking at your coworker's Inbox (or have 'All Users' selected), since we thought it would be a bad idea to allow people to archive each other's email, etc.

On the lead page, you should only see the Done button if the email appears in your own Inbox (because you received a copy of that email). Pressing the Done button (from the lead page or in Inbox) will only mark the incoming email as handled for yourself (other recipients will have to handle it from their Inbox separately) and it will only archive it in your own email account.

Creating Your Email Signature

Youโ€™ll also want to set up your email signature under Settings > Email > Email Signature. You can use the editor to add text or images, or if you have the HTML for an existing signature, simply click the <> to add the code.

Customizing Your Email Signature

Customizing Your Email Signature

Save it once youโ€™re done and youโ€™re all set up!

Multiple signatures

We don't offer the option to set up unique signatures per email account. You can only set up one email signature per user. One workaround is to leave the signature field blank under `Settings > Email and create a unique email template for each desired signature. You can then pull up the template in question as needed.

Setting up an Email Alias

To send emails from another email address in your Close account you can set up an alias. In most cases this should only be used if the alias is on the same domain. For instance, if your email account is [email protected] and you want to send an email as [email protected] too. If you're looking to send emails from a different domain you may want to set up a separate email account in Close so that you can use that domain's SMTP credentials.

To get started head to Settings > Integrations > Connected Accounts and look for the following option:

Add another "from" address

Add another "from" address

Email aliases can also be used to indicate that a particular email address belongs to the organization, which helps Close determine whether an email was incoming or outgoing, and is also used to filter out intra-company communication (see more here).

Pro Tip: Gmail Users

If you're using Google Apps / Gmail you need to set up your alias within that system first. Click here for instructions.

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Email configuration

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