Create a Smart View (Legacy)

      Create a Smart View (Legacy)

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        New Lead Filtering

        We recently released a new version of our lead filtering/search. The following guide is for our legacy search. If your UI does not match, please see this guide for the new filtering instructions.

        Now that the Leads are in your account, let’s jump to the next step —filtering the Leads into a dynamic list.

        Know which Leads to reach out to at any given time. Using Smart Views will dramatically accelerate your sales process.

        To watch the previous video on how to use the Search bar, see this post.
        Search queries discussed in the video above:

        • lead_status:Potential has:email_addresses times_communicated:0
        • lead_status:Potential email(template:"Intro #1" date > = "2 days ago" has_reply:no user:me )
        • Lead_status:Potential email( template:"Intro #1" has_reply:no user:me) AND calls( call_user:me calls:1 duration < "1 minute" last_outgoing_call_date >= "5 days ago")

        Smart Views are essentially saved search queries based on criteria you set. To create your first Smart View, let’s start by creating a basic Lead search.


        On the top-right of the Leads page, click on the Narrow Your Results. From here, you can choose from a number of predefined queries to narrow down the Leads displayed.

        There is an endless number of ways to use Search Queries such as: finding Leads that have been called twice, that are located in a specific city, or that were created on a certain date. Queries can be combined to create more powerful searches.


        From Search to Smart View

        Avoid clutter and ultimately prioritize, streamline and automate your day to reach the right Leads faster using Smart Views. Smart Views allow you to translate your current calling and emailing workflow into a sequence that increases your sales team productivity.

        Save Your Query

        Once you have your search query built, save it as a unique Smart View by clicking the Save as Smart View button in the top-right.


        Name & Share

        Give your Smart View a name and choose who to share it with.
        You can also choose to Keep Private - just for me and only you will see and have access to this Smart View.


        Instant Access

        Your saved search — aka Smart View — now appears in the left-side menu within Close.

        4ed351c-smartview2.pngSmart View list

        Building a Workflow

        Leads dynamically flow in and out of Smart Views based on your search criteria.

        This allows you to easily create workflows for reaching out to Leads at the very best times. A typical day for a salesperson using Close may look something like this:

        • Make contact with all new Leads that have not been touched.
        • Follow-up with new Leads that you’ve reached out to but have not gotten ahold of yet.
        • Start an email cadence on cold Leads you’ve tried to reach.
        • Follow-up with warm Leads with action items and an Opportunity attached.

        If this was your typical workflow, you’d simply create Smart Views for each of the actions above and run through them as your daily to-do list.

        Need more help?

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