(Legacy Search) Creating a multi-channel sales workflow in Close

      (Legacy Search) Creating a multi-channel sales workflow in Close

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        New Lead Filtering

        We recently released a new version of our lead filtering/search. The following guides are for our legacy search. If your ui does not match, please see this guide for the new filtering instructions.

        A sales cycle is a collection of steps that salespeople take to turn a lead into a customer. That includes everything from prospecting to closing the sale (and sometimes even beyond closing). Sales cycles vary between companies and industries, but they usually have a similar sequence of steps.

        Close is designed to make sales communication quick, easy and effective. You can easily build out unique sales workflows using our dynamic Smart Views, Email Sequences, and Dialers.

        Close Pro Tip: Sales Cycles

        Are you new to sales or just not sure how to define your sales cycle?
        Check out our Actionable Guide to Sales Cycle Management.

        Identify your touch points

        Each stage of your sales cycle will consist of specific touch points with the lead. These touch points should be clear, consistent and repeatable within your sales cycle steps.

        Here is an example of a set of touch points to move a lead from a Cold Prospect to a Warm Lead in 21 days:

        Day 1: Email
        Day 2: Add prospect on LinkedIn and Send Message
        Day 3: Call
        Day 4: Email
        Day 7: Call
        Day 7: Email
        Day 10: Call
        Day 12: Follow company social channels
        Day 14: Call
        Day 16: Email
        Day 19: Call
        Day 21: Call and Final Email

        How do I set this up in Close?

        Keep it simple! Close is designed to help make workflows easier and more effective for your sales team. We would recommend breaking the workflow outlined above down into four (4) total Smart Views.

        Email Outreach:

        Create an email sequence to send emails at the intervals outlined below.

        • Email #1 (Day 1): Send Immediately
        • Email #2 (Day 4): Delay 3 days
        • Email #3 (Day 7): Delay 3 days
        • Email #4 (Day 16): Delay 9 days
        • Email #5 (Day 21): Delay 5 days


        Once the Email Sequence is ready, create a Smart View to find the list of leads. Use the bulk subscribe feature to subscribe all new leads to the Email Sequence. The rest of the steps of the sequence will send automatically:

        Setting up the Smart View to bulk subscribe Leads to an Email Sequence:

        lead_status:Potential calls:0 emails:0 not email_template:"EMAIL TEMPLATE #1"
        Close Pro Tip: Write Killer Sales Emails

        Calling Workflow:

        We recommend simplifying the calling outreach into one single call list as well. For example, you could create one calling Smart View that pulls the leads in every 3 days until they have 6 total calls on the lead. This would mimic this sales cadence but significantly reduce the number of Smart Views you need and maintain the same level of outreach:

        lead_status:Potential email(template:"EMAIL TEMPLATE #1" date >= "2 days ago") ((calls:0) OR (calls < 6 and latest_call_created > "3 days ago")) sort:calls

        Social Media Outreach:

        Create a Smart View to find the list of leads that you need to contact via social media for the day.

        • Add on LinkedIn (Day 2):
        lead_status:Potential calls:0 email(template:"EMAIL TEMPLATE #1" date:yesterday)
        • Follow Leads Social Channels (Day 12):
        lead_status:Potential calls:3 latest_call_created >= "2 days ago"

        Once this workflow is set up in Close, your team will only need to manage four Smart Views and their leads will flow in and out of the correct Smart View list.

        762e15a-ScreenShot2019-10-14at104526AM1.pngExample Smart Views
        Close Pro Tip: Assign the Leads to a Sales Rep

        Include a Lead Owner custom field search query in your Smart Views to only include leads assigned to a specific sales rep. Read more about Lead Assignment here.

        Example Search Query:
        "custom.Lead Owner":me