Create Customized Booking Links With Email Templates

      Create Customized Booking Links With Email Templates

        Article Summary

        If your Sales Team uses email templates, you may want to include a calendar link in a template to encourage leads to book a time with a rep.

        Although each sales rep will have a different booking URL, you don't need to create a template for each rep. Instead, use a Custom Field to store the rep's calendar link and pull that field in the template as a template tag.

        Step 1: Create a Custom Field

        Go to your Settings > Custom Fields and create a Single Choice Lead Custom Field to store your reps' calendar links. Each choice should be a different link.


        Step 2: Populate your Custom Field

        Prerequisite: Each lead should be assigned to a sales rep.

        Start with one rep and pull all of their leads by using your lead assignment Custom Field. For example, if my lead assignment Custom Field is called "Lead Owner" and I want to pull all of Lydhia Marie's leads, the query will be: "custom.lead owner" in ("Lydhia Marie")

        For all the leads in your list, add a value to the "Calendar Link" Custom Field created in Step 1 by clicking on the three dots at the top-right of your list > Bulk Edit. Pick Update a custom field, and choose the "Calendar Link" Custom Field and the appropriate calendar link value.


        Click Next and confirm the bulk edit. Repeat this step for each of your sales reps.

        Step 3: Pull the Custom Field in your email template

        Add the Custom Field template tag to your email template. The tag will pull the value you set for each lead from the "Calendar Link" Custom Field.



        Step 4: Keep your Custom Field updated

        However you currently assign each lead to your rep, use the same method to fill out your "Calendar Link" Custom Field to ensure it stays up to date. Check out this post on how to best assign leads, whether it's manually, in bulk, or automated.