Add a Contact inside a Lead

To manually add a Contact inside a Lead, open the Lead page and click on the "+" sign next to the Contact's field.


Click here to add a New Contact.

You can add several default fields such as Name, Title, Contact Details (email addresses, phone numbers, or URL), and Contact Custom Fields.


Add your Contact data above.

The Contacts view

The Contacts view displays all contacts under your leads in one view. This is especially helpful to businesses that have a B2B sales model with several contacts under one lead. The contacts view is a more seamless way to do contact-based filtering.


Contacts page in sidebar

Contacts Filtering

You can add filters to find contacts that have a certain title, with a specific name, with more than one email or phone number, etc.

To add a new filter, click the + Add a filter button that will open up the Filters sidebar where you can search by different attributes. In the example below, we are looking for all CEO contacts.


Adding a contact filter

This can also be enhanced to include contacts belonging to leads where the lead meets the predefined conditions eg have never been called, was never emailed, etc.


Filtering by lead attributes

Filters can be combined to create more powerful searches. If you’re not yet familiar with Close’s filtering, please visit the Search and Smart Views page for a detailed outlook.


Filtering within Contacts page

Operators (Match Any, Match All)

As suggested by the name, the Match All operator returns contacts if all conditions are true. This operator is the default so adding more than one filter will return contacts that match all the filters.


Match All operator

The Match Any operator will return contacts that match either of the filters added. To use Match Any, first, add a filter, then choose Match Any, add another filter, and so on.


Match Any operator

You can also combine both Match All and Match Any filters to return a set of contacts that match either one set of conditions in one row or another set of conditions in a different row. To build a set of conditions, add filters to the same row, then choose Match Any and then add another set of conditions to a different row. This will return contacts that match all the conditions in one of the rows OR the other.


Combining multiple operators

Clearing Filters

You can clear all filters in a single row by hovering your mouse to the far right side of the Contact page.


Clearing filters

Contact-specific result highlighting

Whenever you search for a specific contact within the top search bar and click on the Contact-type result


Selecting contact search result

we'll automatically do several things to bring that contact in focus within an overall lead page:

  1. we'll focus/highlight the contact name
  2. expand their contact information (emails, phone numbers, custom fields...)
  3. scroll to that contact (in case lead has more than a few dozen contacts listed)
  4. filter out activities that are related only to that specific contact

Highlighting contact data and their activities

You can clear out the activity filtering for a specific lead by clicking on the Clear Filters within the banner at the top if you'd like to see all lead activities.

Bulk Actions

Bulk Email

Once you have built out a list of contacts using filters, you can then bulk email those specific contacts. On the filtered results displayed on the Contacts page, click the drop-down menu next to Email > Choose Bulk Email


Send bulk email to contacts

Bulk Sequence

Just as bulk emails, you can subscribe a list of filtered out contacts to an Email Sequence. On the filtered results displayed on the Contacts page, click the drop-down menu next to Email > Send an Email Sequence > Choose what email to send From > Choose the Email Sequence and Preview. Make sure everything is in order before hitting Start Sending.


Subscribe contacts to a sequence

Manage Email Sequences

You can pause or resume an Email Sequence straight from Contacts page. Click the drop down menu next to Email > Manage Email Sequence > Choose either to Pause or Resume > Choose the Email Sequence > Next > Confirm & Pause/Resume.


Manage email sequences

Bulk Edit

You can either bulk update a contact custom field, clear a contact custom field, or delete a list of contacts via the bulk edit feature. To do so, after you have filtered out the list of contacts you wish to edit, click the more(...) button to the top left, then Bulk Edit, and choose your preferred action in the drop-down menu.



Although you can't save filtered contacts as a Smart View just yet, you can share your filters with your team members with a Share Link in the top-right.


Share Link on Contacts page

Currently Not Supported


First Release

The aim is to make the contact-based filtering match up to the lead-based filtering. Email [email protected] with your experience and feedback to help us make this even better in the subsequent releases.
For a seamless filtering experience, we are eliminating the Narrow Results format and introducing filters. This will also eliminate the search syntax that is displayed in the search bar at the top of the Leads page.

In comparison to the Leads page, you will not be able to do the below in the Contacts' page:

Customize columns
The contact view currently shows a limited list of columns you can display. We are progressively adding on this with future releases.

To export a list of contacts, you will need to go through the Leads page > ... button > Export and choose Contacts. There is no way to export directly from the Contacts page.

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