Call Coaching

      Call Coaching

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        Plan Limits

        This feature is only available on Business (legacy) and Enterprise plans.

        Call Coaching allows users to Listen, Whisper, and Barge on in-progress calls. It can be used for new salesperson training, mentoring, or assisting with complex sales.


        1. The call coaching feature will only work in outbound calls made from Close while using your Internal Close numbers.
        2. Up to ~100 people can participate in the same outbound call.
        3. Multiple coaches can be whispering/barging at the same time.

        How to join a call

        There are three ways to join a call:

        1. from the Team Management page;
        2. from the Lead page;
        3. invite team members from the Lead page.

        Join a call from the Team Management page

        You can see which users are on calls from the Team or Groups pages. If you have the necessary permissions, you'll be able to click Listen and you will enter the call in Listen mode (see other coaching modes below).


        Join a call from a Lead page

        When looking at a lead on a Lead page, you have the option to jump in on a call in Listen mode - you can change the mode after you join the call if needed.


        Invite a team member from the Lead page

        You can also invite one or more team members to a call with an Invite option during the call.


        Available team members

        The dropdown will show you only team members that are using the desktop app and are online at the moment.

        Once you have joined a call, you'll see a new Call Coaching bar:


        The Close user on the call will also see the coach that joins:


        Coaching Modes

        Call Coaching has three modes: Listen, Whisper, and Barge.

        • Listen: Users can hear the salesperson and lead, but cannot talk to either.
        • Whisper: Users can hear the salesperson and lead, and can talk to the salesperson, but will not be heard by the lead.
        • Barge: Users can hear the salesperson and lead, and can be heard by both.
        Call Recording plus Call Coaching

        When using "Whisper", the voice of the whispering user will not be recorded by a call recording. When using "Barge", the voice of the barging user will be recorded by a call recording.

        Coaching Permissions

        Coaching permissions are divided into Listen and Whisper & Barge. You may wish to give a salesperson in training permission to Listen to calls for training purposes, but not Whisper or Barge. A sales manager may have the ability to enter any Coaching mode to observe, provide mentoring, or assist with a sale.

        Joinable Calls

        Unfortunately, not all calls can be joined. If you have the right permissions, you can join all outbound calls. Due to technical reasons, we cannot offer Call Coaching on inbound calls right now.


        Any calls that you decide to join will have an additional per-minute charge that will be deducted from your Usage balance. This additional cost per minute is determined by our Telephony provider, and at the time of this writing, the rate is $0.0040/minute. See the current rate here.

        Example: You decide to join a teammate’s call for 5 minutes. The cost, given the rates at the time of this writing, will be $0.02 (i.e., $0.0040 x 5 minutes). This cost is in addition to the original call that your teammate made or received.