Bulk subscribe leads to sequences in batches

Bulk subscribe leads to sequences in batches

Contacts can be bulk subscribed to an Email Sequence within the product already; however, you may want to batch subscribe the contacts over a longer time period.

For example:

  • If sending limits exist on your email server
  • If you have a large number of leads and you don’t want your sales reps to be overwhelmed from the potential responses to your sequence campaign
  • If you are warming up or working to protect your domain
  • If you just want to test different sending schedules

We can accomplish all of these use cases with a Zap.

What you will need

  • A Close account and your API key
  • A Zapier account that allows multi-step zaps

How this integration works

Batch subscribe a specific number of leads to an Email Sequence on a daily basis. You can change the time interval and number of leads that are included in each batch.

Step 1: Pick a time of day to TRIGGER your Email Sequence subscription

In our example, the trigger will use the application Schedule by Zapier. With this step, you can pick the frequency and time of day that your contacts are subscribed to the sequence.

To get started, select Schedule by Zapier as your trigger and select 'Every Day' as the schedule.


After you hit continue, you have the option to choose what time of day this Zap triggers, and also if you want it to trigger on weekends or not.

Step 2: Use Close as the Action step to Subscribe Contacts to Email Sequence in bulk

Choose Close as your application and select "Create Bulk Email Subscription Action" from the drop down menu. Connect your Close Account.


Under the "Set Up Template" screen, select the following options for each section:

  • Action Type: select "subscribe".
  • Query: select the Smart View you will use to identify which leads will be subscribed to your sequence in batches. See our Pro Tip below.
  • Sequence ID (optional): select the email sequence that will be used in the bulk action.
  • Contact Preference: select Lead to only take action on the primary/first contact email of the lead or Contact to take action on the first contact email of each contact of the lead.
  • Send Done Email: select yes to receive an email when your bulk action is completed. Select no and you will not receive an email on completion.
  • Sender Account: select your email account.
  • Sender: select your email address.


Click Continue and test your action step. Once tested, all you need to do is select "Finish" and turn the zap ON.

Pro Tip: Building your Smart View

You will want to include the limit keyword in your Smart View to batch subscribe contacts to a sequence.

We used the following search query to find all leads in the Trial that we haven't talked to yet:

lead_status:Trial emails:0 calls:0 limit:50

Learn more about Search and Smart Views.