Automatically setting opportunity confidence levels with Zapier

      Automatically setting opportunity confidence levels with Zapier

        Article Summary

        If you have a standardized confidence level for each opportunity status, you can set up a Zap to consistently set the confidence level as opportunities move throughout your pipeline.

        Here’s what you’ll need

        • A Zapier account that allows for multi-step Zaps
        • A Google Spreadsheet

        Setting up your Google Sheet

        The first step is going to be to create a Google sheet with two columns:

        • Opportunity Status: Each of your opportunity status options in a row.
        • Confidence Level: The confidence level of each of those statuses.

        Here’s a simple example of what it could look like:


        Creating your Zap

        Once your Google Sheet is setup, login to Zapier and select Make a Zap.

        Step 1: Select your Trigger for Opportunity Status Changes

        Select Close as your app and New Opportunity in Status as your Trigger Event.

        Next, select your Close account from the drop-down menu. If you do not already have an account connected to Zapier, go ahead and connect your Close account using your API Key


        If you want the Zap to trigger on every Status Change, make sure to leave the Old Status ID and New Status ID fields blank.

        If you want the Zap to trigger when an Opportunity (or Lead) is created then select "Yes" under Trigger on Opportunity Creation drop-down.


        Select Continue and then Test trigger to find a sample status change.


        Step 2: Select your Search step to lookup your Opportunity Confidence Levels

        Select Google Sheets as your App and Lookup Spreadsheet Row as your Action Event. You’ll look up the Opportunity Status column and the status from Step 1.


        Next, you will need to connect your Google Sheets account to Zapier.


        Once your account is connected to Zapier, you will setup the Customize Spreadsheet Row step. This step allows you to choose your specific Google Sheet that you created to store your Opportunity Confidence Levels.

        Select the following columns of data for each section of the Zap:

        • Spreadsheet: Name of your Google Sheet
        • Worksheet: Name of your worksheet within your Google Sheet
        • Lookup Column: The Opportunity Status column from your spreadsheet
        • Lookup Value: The New Status Label generated from Step 1 of your Zap

        Once your fields are mapped correctly, select Continue.


        The next step is to test your Zap to make sure the search step is finding the correct Opportunity Confidence value from your Google Sheet. Select Test trigger to return a value. If successful you should see a value populate in Column B like below:


        Step 3: Action Step: Update Opportunity

        The final step of the Zap will update your Opportunity Confidence Level using the ID from Step 1 and the confidence level we found in Step 2.

        Select Close as your App and Update Opportunity in Close as your Action Event.


        Once you've selected your Close account, you will select the fields that you want to update on the Opportunity.

        Select the following columns of data for each section of the Zap step:

        • Opportunity ID: Use a Custom Value (scroll to the bottom of the drop-down options)
        • Custom Value for Opportunity ID: Select the ID field to find Opportunity ID
        • Confidence: Select the Confidence Level from Step 2.


        Once your fields are mapped correctly, select Continue. If the test is successful, it will have automatically adjusted the Opportunity Confidence level for the Sample Opportunity in your Close account.


        Look good? Click Done Editing, name your Zap, and turn it on! You're all set.

        Video Tutorial: Watch a live video to setup this Zap