Activity Report

The Activity Report is a sales key performance indicator (KPI) report that shows activity metrics by date range and by individual user. Activity Report is the first report located under the Reporting heading on the left hand menu of Close. Activity Report gives you the ability to filter by Smart View, User, and time frame. Click on any number to see the related search results.

You can track the following metrics using Activity Report:

Created: The number of new Leads created from all sources. Contacted: The number of Leads communicated with. This includes all the Leads called (both inbound and outbound calls with non-zero duration) and emailed.

Created: The number of Opportunities created along with the potential revenue (broken down by one-time, monthly, and annual Opportunities). Created for: Only seen when you’ve filtered by individual user, this shows the number of Opportunities another team member created for that user.
Won: The number of Opportunities won and their revenue generated broken down by one-time, monthly, and annual revenue). Good Job! Lost: The number of Opportunities lost and the one-time, monthly, and annual deals attached to them.

Total: The total number of Calls made.
Total Duration: The total duration of all Calls made.
Average Duration: The average duration of an individual Call. This only includes the Calls that were answered (i.e. the ones with non-zero duration).

Emails Sent: The total number of Emails sent, including Emails sent from other email clients. Emails Received: The total number of Emails received.

*Only available for accounts with calling features (Pro and Business plans).

SMS Sent: The number of SMS sent SMS Received: The number of SMS received

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Activity Report

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