Activity Comparison Report

      Activity Comparison Report

        Article Summary

        The Activity Comparison report gives you a spreadsheet-like view of the performance of every team member. This makes it quick and easy to see how you or members of your team are contributing to the overall results.

        The Activity Comparison Report lets you compare multiple users across multiple metrics.


        You can filter the report by date range, user, and Smart View. You can also select a comparison date range to see the percent change in each metric between the two time periods. These filters work the same they do in the Activity Overview Report.

        (No user) row
        In case you receive an SMS to a group number, that SMS won't have an assigned user and will appear under the (No user) row.


        You can sort the users in ascending or descending over based on any column in the Activity Comparison report. (This includes the Team Members column, so you are able to sort users alphabetically.)

        You can adjust the sort by clicking the arrow image.png image.png buttons on the column headers.



        You can export your Activity Comparison Report for further analysis. Click the "..." button at the very top of the page to export as either a CSV or JSON file



        Once you've customized a report, you can save it in order to easily view it later. Saving the report will save any metrics, users, date, and all other filters that you have specified.


        When Saving your report, give it an easy to recall name.


        Saved reports appear in the Reports menu to the left of the Save button. Your saved reports are only visible to you.



        You can share a report at any time, whether it is saved or not, by clicking the Share Link button. The link will share the exact selection of metrics, users, date, and all other filters that are currently displayed.


        The link will be automatically copied to your clipboard, and can be shared via email, chat, or referenced in a wiki or slide deck.

        When sharing a link to a Saved report, any future changes to the saved report will also be reflected in the link that has been shared.